Our story

We've been in the aviation game for 30 years now...

1980s - Getting the party started...

Bytron was founded in 1984 by the late Richard Harris, a long-haul pilot, and his wife Irene. Our first software, a strip printing program, caught the attention of NATS - the UK Air Traffic Service provider. This application was upgraded to a fully fledged Flight Data Management System (FDMS) in 1989, and became the first computer based system in the world to successfully promulgate, transmit and receive AFTN messages.

In 1989, Bytron installed the world's first route specific, integrated MET/NOTAM self-briefing unit at Humberside Airport.

From humble beginnings as a small team of developers, aviation professionals and pilots, we set out as BYTRON, with the aim of providing effective, innovative and flexible aviation solutions.

(Pictured below) Hardware from the early days, the end result of our first venture into aviation software - the first of many.

Skybook Vintage Printing Strips Skybook Vintage Strip Printer

1990s - Crew Briefing Systems...

During this decade Bytron developed specific systems to meet airline requirements for flight crew briefing. A truly integrated system for the secure and audited aggregation, synchronization and dissemination of flight crew information was developed, and in 1999 a dedicated ISDN company briefing service was implemented throughout 15 UK locations.

It was in this decade that our AIS NOTAM Management System was developed for UK CAA, and was subsequently implemented throughout many worldwide locations.

Vintage Computer Showing a Flightplan Classic Skybook Control Room

2000's - Taking Crew Briefing into the Cloud...

As the world evolved technically, so did Bytron. In 2001 we upgraded our services to provide worldwide internet access. Early in the 21st Century we successfully developed our crew briefing system to be an Internet delivered service - skybook.

In 2004, skybook was implemented on laptop - at that time known as 'less paper cockpit'. Later that year it became skybook ok eFB and much time over the following years was dedicated to developing our range of eFB applications, all built on proven synchronisation technology and using our in-house flight data centre.

We were the first aviation software specialists to produce a best in class eFB product onto the iPads within the cockpit

Since then, we've continued to grow and work with some of the biggest names in aviation; developing some of the most cutting-edge, innovative technologies to be used at the forefront of our industry today. Needless to say our offices are slightly bigger than when we first started, though they were certainly not without their charm...

Vintage Bytron Offices

2010 - 2015 - Increasing our global reach...

Much of 2010 was dedicated to the development of skybook.aero briefing services and skybook eFB applications, which has been a huge success...

In 2012, we successfully sold our best-in-class skybook eFB application to Sabre Airline Solutions, whom had identified skybook eFB as providing optimal value for their requirements. The sale marked a significant step forward for our company and increased the global reach of our brand and our development team's capabilities; establishing Bytron as a pioneer of aviation software solutions.

There are a lot of exciting opportunities on the horizon for Bytron, as we continue to establish skybook as market leading software for airlines, airports and ground handlers - with more pioneering aviation technology in the pipeline.

The early days of BYTRON truly helped to form the backbone of what has become skybook today - an aviation cloud to take your data on a digital journey making everything simpler, faster and more accessible than ever.

Bytron's history of standard setting, pioneering and development has been reflected in the team's recent development of skylightES an aircraft turnround tool, our joint venture with partner company ACDM Ltd.

2016 - Our most comprehensive software solution...

Not one to rest on our laurels, we re-engineered our skybook crew briefing software in 2016 to cover a wider spectrum of critical airline operations; essentially creating the 'complete' solution for flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey logging within airlines - 'skybook aviation cloud'.

skybook makes it easy for users to access all airline dispatch, briefing and journey log data, allowing airlines to fully integrate and centralise all of the information from their core systems. Delivering the right data, to the right people, at the right time, to any device.

skybook as we see it today also includes independent modules for crucial processes including Airfield Watcher (WX and NOTAM monitoring) and ETOPS Charts, allowing airlines to get started using skybook within specific operational areas before implementing the full system throughout their airline.

We have also continued development of our skylightES solution for ground handlers to increase the efficiency of aircraft turnround and we look forward to extending our portfolio further over the years to come.

2017 onwards...

Making sure your flights get the best departure slots is critical to ensuring the On Time Performance of your schedule. Our Slot Management system was designed for the Airline Dispatcher / Operations Manager and is a powerful tool for achieving on-time departures and providing a positive and cost-effective contribution to fleet management.

Traditionally our Slot Management system has been standalone from our skybook product and predominantly desktop based. To keep in alignment with flexibility and advanced use of technology that skybook offers, throughout 2017 we will be re-developing the user interface of Slot Management to be integrated within skybook enabling it to be web based and responsive across all devices, also bringing the core structure up to date to future proof its ability.

Bytron Slot Management System
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