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A complete solution

Over the years of experience working in the aviation industry we have grown to understand the digital requirements needed to deliver reliable operational data to aircraft operators, airports and air traffic control.

As a technically innovative company we have always looked to enhance our software products in alignment with airlines moving to a more reliable, digital flight dispatch process. This has enabled us to provide genuinely useful information to the operations team and airline management to help ensure operations run smoothly and management is informed by the best planning and post-flight datasets available.

Bytron recognised this need and focused on their flagship software product skybook, looking at a modular solution to make the transition to digital flight dispatch simpler, following standard airline operational practices, therefore reducing the risk associated with implementing skybook in place of existing manual or digital processes.


An overview of skybook

skybook goes beyond what is traditionally thought of as a flight dispatch and briefing system and has been evolving ever since we first started the project back in 2001.

skybook makes it easy for users to access all airline dispatch, briefing and journey log data, allowing you to fully integrate and centralise all of the information from your core systems. Delivering the right data, to the right people, at the right time, to any device.

Imagine having only one portal for flight dispatch, crew briefing, flight following and airfield watch, with accurate and reliable data aggregated from the best sources; UK Met Office, SADIS EUROCONTROL, Jeppesen, AFTN to name a few.


Flight Operations Portal

skybook's Flight Operations Portal is comprised of the following main modules; Flight Dispatch, Crew Flight Briefing, Airfield Watcher, Planning Portal, Crew Notices and automated ETOPS Charting.

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Companion App

Our Companion App consists of a Digital Briefing module and Journey Log capabilities that work alongside the skybook Flight Operations Portal. This gives you the chance for real-time information, reduced admin overheads and greater flexibility.

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skybook overview

A simple transition to Digital Dispatch and Briefings

Step 1

skybook step 1

Your Current Process... Paper based and difficult to manage.

Step 2

skybook step 1

Flight operations use skybook to manage all pre-flight dispatch and briefing activity.

Step 3

skybook step 1

Flight crew use skybook to access briefings and record post-flight information, this data can be analysed to support strategic decision making.

Integration... closing the loop

The company’s philosophy has always been to offer highly flexible and technically innovative software solutions. We take pride in being able to integrate our system for a seamless experience and ease of use which can be seen through our skybook API.

Due to the importance of operational notices within the skybook product we have further developed this into a standalone product called Read&Sign. Our Read&Sign product allows the assurance that notifications have been received, acknowledged and understood.

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