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Ensure the information you are sending out is received, acknowledged and understood. Instantly track who is reading what and when.


Communication is crucial within the aviation industry and a paper based or email system can be hard to manage, time-consuming or inefficient. Our Read&Sign software enables you to keep track of operational and administrative information, easily seeing what has been sent, received and acknowledged. Read&Sign is Internet based and can therefore can be accessed on any PC, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Read&Sign

  • Saves time by automatically chasing people who have not acknowledged notices sent to them.
  • New staff can instantly see the important information required and prevents key documents from being missed.
  • No need to print documents creating a big impact on your carbon footprint.
  • Continually improves quality and compliance with full traceability of communications.
  • Optimise efficiency and control of your communication process.
  • Internet based so can be accessed via the Internet on any device worldwide.
read and sign

Types of notices

From the Read&Sign system you can send out documents, images, links or just type in the message required to the notification area. This could include new notifications, policies and updates, procedures, safety information, security and many more.

Your branding can be applied to the Read&Sign system to ensure staff and external contacts understand where the message has come from and associate the notification with your company for consistency.

All notifications remain stored on the system and can be referred back to at a later date if needed. Notifications can easily be filtered showing what you still need to acknowledge and past notifications that have been acknowledged and accepted.

Roles and permissions

Roles and groups can be created within Read&Sign to send notifications out to all users, individuals or just certain groups of people. This can include both internal staff and external contacts if required.

To control the information being sent out only select users can have author access to create the notifications. Feedback from recipients can be provided if they have any questions or they are unsure on the information being sent. A leader can then be created to manage any responses the author may not be able to handle.

Scheduling and managing notifications

You can schedule notifications in Read&Sign to be sent straight away or planned for a future day and time. If you have a policy or document all staff should be aware that this can be created as a notification so all new staff that are added to the system will see this automatically.

Reminder notifications can be setup on the system to renew documents, book regular mandatory training and so on. This ensures key information is up to date and aid towards quality assurance in the business.


Sending notifications through Read&Sign allows you to instantly track who has received, read and acknowledged your information saving you time. Dashboards and visual representations of the information help for you to see this information at a glance without having to trawl through each contact in your list.

The dashboards can be tailored to your requirements showing the information that is relevant to you in your role. We can also setup different dashboards for different groups of people if this is required, showing the information that is relevant for them and enabling full use of the feature.

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