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Meet Luci one of our QA Testers who has been with the Company a year now.  Luci had only been with us for two weeks before we had to transition to...

Meet Luci one of our QA Testers
Company News

Meet Luci, one of our QA Tester's

By Phoebe | 01 Apr 2021

Meet Therisa, our HR Manager who has been with the Company for just over two and a half years. She’s been working from home for six weeks and thinks...

Meet Therisa our HR Manager
Company News

Meet Therisa, our HR Manager

By | 22 Apr 2020

Meet James, our Key Account & Marketing Manager who’s been with the Company almost three years. Although James is used to working away from the...

James the key account manager of skybook
Company News

Meet James, our Key Account and Marketing Manager

By Therisa | 15 Apr 2020

Meet Dan our Technical Author who has been with the Company almost five months.  Having spent the last three and a half weeks working from home due...

Dan our technical author
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Meet Dan, our Technical Author

By Therisa | 08 Apr 2020

Meet Dave, our UX Designer, who has been with the company for eighteen months.  He’s halfway through his third week of working from home and...

Skybook UX Designer
Company News

Meet Dave, our UX Designer

By Therisa | 01 Apr 2020

We are committed to keeping airlines and operators up to date on our ongoing skybook development programmes, so as we welcome in 2020, we're also pleased...

An animation of a blue and white airplane flying upwards through the numbers 2020 on a starry night time background as fireworks explode around.
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Hello 2020...look what's new

By | 07 Jan 2020

On October 29, 1969, the first transmission was sent over the ARPANET from the University of California to the network at Stanford Research Institute marking...

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A history of the internet 50 years on

By | 29 Oct 2019

2017 has been a truly vintage year for us at Bytron Aviation Systems, by far our busiest year to date in fact.  It has been challenging but rewarding...

Bytron wins Software Innovation of the year and looking forward to 2018
Company News

Bytron MD looks forward to 2018

By James | 19 Dec 2017

As you may have read somewhere by now, skybook is our flagship product providing a complete modular solution to Flight Dispatch and Crew Briefing through...

Product News

We've enhanced our notices module

By James | 18 May 2017

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