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flydubai, the Dubai-based airline, has chosen skybook to provide a new digital flight briefing solution that utilises the flagship software product...

flydubai chooses skybook to deliver Flight Dispatch and Briefing
Success Stories

skybook takes off with flydubai

By James | 24 Oct 2017

It's great to see skybook making the headlines on a global scale after Azores Airlines become the latest operator to take on our crew briefing and dispatch...

Azores Airlines come on board with skybook. Image shows pilots in the cockpit coming into land
Success Stories

Azores Airlines take on skybook

By James | 05 Oct 2017

If you are heading to the Flight Operations Conference at Heathrow this year on the 28th and 29th of November, we’ve got an invite for you that you...

Bytron is heading to the Flight Operations Conference 2018 at Heathrow Airport
Product News

A skybook invite you shouldn't ignore

By James | 02 Oct 2017

In his latest blog, our Technical Director Simon Clayton talks about how skybook uses automation to intelligently import the latest weather data from across...

skybook advanced weather forecasting explained. The image shows a fleet of aircraft in extreme snow and ice conditions
Product News

skybook keeps an intelligent eye on the sky

By James | 30 Aug 2017

When it comes to skybook, it would be all too easy for us to list the ways that we can help our clients to modernise flight dispatch, crew briefing and...

How can you get in touch with Bytron. The contact process explained
Product News

Get your free skybook trial off the ground today

By James | 24 Aug 2017

We are excited to announce that NAVBLUE’s RAIM+ is now available as part of our skybook offering, giving clients an enhanced user experience and access...

RAIM now available within skybook. Image depicts manual RAIM calculations
Product News

RAIM now available through skybook

By James | 07 Aug 2017

Imagine being able to automatically generate weather data gathered from the most accurate sources, including the MET Office and NOAA, and then choosing...

Weather data and route plots shown together in skybook displayed on a laptop. The laptop is on a desk along with a keyboard and mouse.
Product News

Client feedback helps to enhance our charts

By James | 13 Jul 2017

I’m sure there’s plenty of dispatchers and flight crews out there who can remember the days when crew briefings had so much paper in them, they...

Technology is playing a huge part in improving dispatch and briefing processes, Image shows paper volume versus software.
Company News

Simon Says - skybook tech blog

By James | 05 Jul 2017

Such are the demands of modern air travel that airlines are having to constantly adapt their flight processes to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness...

Benefits of using skybook in your airline
Product News

The benefits of using skybook in your airline

By Shane Spencer | 03 May 2016

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