By Charlotte | 26 Nov 2021

Inside Bytron: Meet Our Values Champion Cae Roberts

At Bytron we encourage all staff to be champions of our core values (United, Professional, Aspirational, Innovative and Driven) as we want to maintain a great culture where all staff are engaged, not just with their work and the company, but with each other too.

Our new Pay It Forward Recognition Bonus at Bytron sees an employee awarded each month for standing out and demonstrating values led behaviours, the person that receives it will then decide who gets it the following month.

As part of the bonus scheme, we want to encourage staff to share more about themselves as well as their time at the company. Our October winner, Cae Roberts, has written a short blog to introduce himself and give us an insight into the role he plays within the Bytron team.

“Hello, my name’s Cae Roberts and I’m one of the software developers here at Bytron Aviation Systems. I’ve been working here for 9 months and I’m excited to tell you about my time here so far.

I initially joined Bytron as a Junior Software Engineer after working for the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Technician on Mk2 Wildcat helicopters. I learnt to code whilst on my last draft in the navy during my free time, where I supported Air Traffic Control / Air Department of RNAS Yeovilton.

The transition from the Royal Navy has been fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from Bytron. The development team have a thorough induction programme which helped me get up to speed on the various sections of our codebase. It also helped fill in any knowledge gaps that I had when joining the company.

For the first two/three months I was paired with another developer who had recently joined the company and together we worked on adding the pre departure signature feature to our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). It was a great opportunity to do some paired-programming whilst we learnt about the app and how the development team (and the wider company) operates.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the backend team focused on implementing the ‘behind the scenes’ operations of the app. Within the team we implemented an ACARs processor (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting system) that helps our airline customers get OOOI data (Out, Off, ON, In) from the aircraft.

I’ve now moved back onto the app development team, working hard to get the new ‘version 2’ of the app out to our customers in early 2022. I really enjoy working on the app and getting my hands on the flight deck-facing products. Especially when I get to go deep into the development of new features.  

My favourite part about working at Bytron is being able to use my aviation experience to help develop and streamline our product for airlines. It’s very satisfying knowing that the code I write is working 24/7 in cockpits, operations rooms, and airline hubs to make the everyday operational tasking easier.”

Cae was awarded with our first Recognition Bonus for being a great values champion, always engaging with people across the business, making a positive contribution and demonstrating all our values. He certainly is a great addition to the Bytron team!

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By Charlotte | 26 Nov 2021

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