By Shane Spencer | 03 Nov 2016

Introducing Mike Orr as Senior Software Developer at Bytron

Prior to starting at Bytron I held a number of varied roles, some relating to what I do now and others completely different. Primarily I am an advanced back-end OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) developer with senior level experience and knowledge. 

I first became interested in development when I was thirteen years of age. I taught myself several programming languages as well as the art of reverse engineering software; this is the process of extracting knowledge and design information from software. As I quickly mastered these abilities it fuelled my interest in development even further. Although self-taught initially, I decided to go to university where I gained a qualification to formally recognise my skills.

My previous development roles have been varied. I held one position where it was my responsibility to find application exploits in games or game-engines as well as anti-cheat software. I would exploit them in order to change the behaviour of the application and give the user of my modifications an advantage over their peers.

Outside of development I have also been a member of the Royal Military Police for the British Armed Forces (Army). In this role I dealt with everything a normal police officer would. From dealing with lost children, to handling situations such as theft, assaults and more. On one occasion I was even tasked with protecting Princess Anne alongside her personal protection. This was all alongside the battlefield side of the job.

What most attracted me to development is the sheer amount of problem-solving involved and the feeling of achievement you get upon the creation of complex, working algorithms.

My role with Bytron now is an interesting one for a developer. When a Software Engineer is tasked with creating a product for a consumer they are generally required to learn an extent of the target’s business. Now that I work in aviation software development I am currently learning a lot of interesting things about the aviation industry. At present I am developing the front-end of our new skybook product (version 2), which includes applications such as flight briefing software, journey logging, ETOPS charts and a flight dispatch briefing system.

Prior to working at Bytron I had very little exposure to Linux, but now I am using it day-to-day adding to my skill-set and knowledge. The team here are constantly helping me improve my knowledge of the Ubuntu OS as well.


By Shane Spencer | 03 Nov 2016

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