By Shane Spencer | 15 Nov 2016

Read&Sign Communication System

Whilst working with the aviation industry for over 30 years and developing our skybook product we have grown to understand the software needs and where digital solutions can enhance certain tasks and help to save time.

This can be seen through our integration and bespoke development projects we have worked on including cabin crew apps, induction systems, data visualisation and our Read&Sign product. With the company’s philosophy always being to offer highly flexible and technically innovative solutions to help you maintain an efficient and effective operation.

Read&Sign is a communication hub that allows you to control and monitor notifications been sent, received and acknowledged. This can really help to save you time looking back as to who hasn’t replied and chasing certain people. The system will automatically send notifications of reminders to people that haven’t replied and gives you a clear visual view through our dashboards as to how many people have or haven’t responded.

Any type of notifications can be sent from the system with the ability to add documents and multiple types of media files or a free text option for quick messages typed direct into the Read&Sign notification. We have other companies in the aviation industry using the system and typically works well for sending policies, procedures, safety information, security notes and much more.

Notifications can be sent to both internal and external contacts allowing flexible and multiple use of the system and the notifications. Read&Sign is also internet based so can be accessed on any PC in your office and remotely.

The system has a permission structure so multiple roles and responsibilities can be setup to manage the use of the notifications. For example, you can setup an author that would create, send and monitor response to the notification and then have a leader that can respond to any feedback or queries. Users receiving the notifications will only have access to monitor the notifications sent to them and see an archive of what they have previously received and acknowledged.

Since using Read&Sign as a communication tool, it has fulfilled several elements of our SMS requirements; namely communication efficiency. We find it a very useful tool that enables us to monitor our communication efficiency and check timeframes for acknowledgment. The system does however allow various add-on and we are looking at making best use of the system. Such add-ons could be an auditing module, action tracker module, risk database module and also a document library. We have found the system extremely useful and it has assisted us in achieving Excellence within our CAA SMS Phase 2 Evaluation.

Humberside Airport.

Moving to a digital platform such as the Read&Sign system can save a large amount of time on administrative activities. Information can be distributed at a quicker and more efficient rate whilst saving on paper and reducing your carbon footprint. The current companies using the system have noted staff feel more engaged as a result of the implementation and increased communication.

If you would like to find out more on the benefits and features of Read&Sign or arrange a demonstration, please get in touch.


By Shane Spencer | 15 Nov 2016

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