By James | 18 May 2017

We've enhanced our notices module

As you may have read somewhere by now, skybook is our flagship product providing a complete modular solution to Flight Dispatch and Crew Briefing through a ground based portal supported by an app.

skybook is always evolving as we work to ensure that feedback from our clients and our vast industry experience drives ongoing developments with real world results shaping the future of our software.

In February this year, we enhanced our Operational Notices module, used for flight crew notices, flight safety notices, flight operations notices, company NOTAMs and any other type commonly used by airline operations.

Our enhancements meant that notices could be added easily to flight briefing packs and distributed to individuals using the job roles setup within skybook.

Notices can be included in all packs or targeted at specific flight numbers, fleet, aircraft registration, city pairs, departure, destination, City Pair, Airfields and FIRs.

So why are we telling you this again?

Quite simply because we’ve gone and made it even better thanks to input from our customers.

All the testing in the world will never beat the valuable input from those using the software in the field on a daily basis and this feedback has helped us to further enhance our Operational Notices module.

What have we changed?

We’ve made numerous changes to the module to improve accessibility for those getting the notices, save time for those inputting the notices and to ensure the nothing important can be missed.

Our tweaks include:

- Ability to create both admin notices and job notices
- Ability to edit existing notices where appropriate
- Ability to view live notices and store archived notices when they are no longer current
- Multiple targets per notice remove the need for duplicate notices to be created
- Notices now added to the Planning Portal (for applicable Airfield and FIR’s)
- Notices displayed in the following areas will have every target they matched displayed at the top of the notice i.e:
  Sector Briefing Table
  Companion App
  Briefing PDF
  Planning Portal
- Adhoc notices can also be individually attached to any flight via the dispatch screen

Notifications can still be sent directly to individuals and/or job roles if a piece of information is role specific, again ensuring that important information gets to those who need it via the most effective platform.

Like a lot of the data we capture in skybook, we have reporting facilities for more in-depth analysis. The notices dashboard makes it is easy to see how many notices are sent over a period of time, what type of notice, who received them if notices were sent to individuals and also reminders sent or questions asked.


It’s enhancements like this that help to keep skybook one step ahead.

It’s an exciting time here at Bytron as skybook continues to evolve and our clients feel the real world benefits of a system that delivers real efficiencies and savings.

If you’ve not looked at skybook yet, now really is the time.

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By James | 18 May 2017

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