By Shane Spencer | 13 Jan 2017

2016 achievements and looking to 2017…

2016 has been a successful year for Bytron with a number of challenges and highlights along the way.  One of the biggest achievements for the team over 2016 was the re-launch of our flagship product skybook, a long standing product of ours that we have adapted and enhanced over the years as the aviation industry has developed.


Enhancing skybook our flagship product

This work has resulted in skybook utilising the latest technologies and providing a number of operationally significant modules to ensure that the transition to a digital flight dispatch process is simple and follows standard airline operating practices, reducing the risk associated with moving from a manual to digital process.

Due to its modular approach skybook can be implemented in stages allowing airlines to add extra functionality to their operations when they require it and at a pace of their choosing. For example, an airline can initially implement the Airfield Watcher module that allows operations to introduce functionality quickly, seeing gains in timesaving and productivity which far outweigh the costs involved. Other modules and the companion tablet app can then be added later in a phased approach until a fully digital dispatch system is in place.

The enhancements reflect a need in the industry for airlines to shift to more reliable, digital flight dispatch that provides genuinely useful information to the operations team and airline management. This information helps to ensure that operations run smoothly and on-going management is informed by the best planning and post-flight datasets available.


New clients to Bytron throughout 2016

Throughout 2016 we gained a number of new clients looking for a software development partner to build long term relationships with. These new clients covered a range of the software products we have to offer:

  • FlyDubai signed up to skybook
  • Neos an existing client for NOTAM Management signed up to Airfield Watcher
  • Birmingham Airport, Fraport and Cardiff Airport are all now using Read&Sign
  • Aviator have implemented skybook for ground handling
  • Zenith Aviation and Helvetic are both now using Airfield Watcher


We are pleased to announce these new arrivals for 2016 with a smooth installation process and look forward to building upon the relationships throughout 2017.


Attending the 10th Annual Flight Operations Conference

In November of 2016 we attended the 10th Annual Flight Operations Conference at Heathrow. Known as the worlds leading Flight Operations event this has always been an enjoyable event for us to attend. The event gave us a chance to network with new and old contacts, demonstrate our flagship product skybook and learn new requirements and future plans within the aviation industry.

The event aims to provide solutions to streamline and increase efficiency and reduce costs within airlines operational teams. The seminars are packed with useful insights covering topics on digital flightdeck, Electronic Flight Bag, connectivity, innovation and many more. The exhibition hall was a busy environment filled with IT providers demonstrating their systems from EFB to flight planning solutions, flight dispatch to flight briefing.


The launch of our new Bytron website

With the enhancement to skybook we decided to bring our Bytron website up to date to demonstrate this modular approach of our flagship product. We analysed the usability of the modular approach and identified the simplest way to demonstrate this through the website. Adding and optimising existing content throughout the site to further show the features and benefits of the product.

 As the web is constantly changing we brought the design of the site up to date giving a modern and clean feel to the new site. The new design was also pushed out through our brochures and event stand at the Aircraft IT Conference for consistency throughout our marketing materials.


What will 2017 bring for Bytron?

The development roadmap for 2017 has been set so we can continue to enhance the Bytron products as technology and requirements within the aviation industry change. Creating this roadmap comes from feedback from our clients, research we have carried out in the industry and innovations we have discussed as we have been developing our systems.


By Shane Spencer | 13 Jan 2017

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