By | 04 Feb 2021

skybook EFB Application Updates

Our latest skybook release went live in December delivering a range of updates and enhancements to a number of modules.

When it comes to the skybook EFB app, our focus was on delivering further flexibility for operators that need to share information directly between applications and to also further increase the ability to capture journey log or the pilot log information during each flight which can then be directly shared with other platforms post flight.

Our drivers for these changes were simple. To further reduce pilot workloads and remove the need for additional integrations in order to share data between apps and to also further increase the information that can be captured during each flight and directly shared with other systems post flight.

These are already areas in which skybook excels so it’s fair to say that our latest release makes our EFB app stand out from the crowd even further when it comes to the benefits and improvements it can help to deliver.


iOS Document share to the skybook EFB app 

This latest EFB enhancement makes full use of native iOS technology which means it will be instantly recognisable for iOS users across the world.

It means that documents can be instantly transferred between 3rd party applications and skybook allowing pilots to insert the documents directly into relevant sections of the Journey Log as required.

Sharing the information is highly intuitive and can be completed in a few simple steps as follows:

Firstly, the skybook EFB app now appears as an option within the ‘Open With’ menu of any iOS-based applications that allow sharing of PDF documents from a device.

on the device, select the PDF document that needs to be shared and tap the share icon. The skybook EFB app icon will be shown in the list of apps available to share the document to



Once the EFB app has been selected a pop-up will open so that you can rename the file if required. 



The skybook EFB will now open and display a pop-up confirming that the file has been shared at which point the file type can be specified, for example Take Off Performance, and saved to the EFB app.

The document is saved within the EFB library and can be reviewed at any time using the PDF viewer within the skybook app.



When the flight is completed and signed off, the full journey log including all additional documents that have been imported from other applications during the flight is transmitted back to the skybook Record Vault were all information can be viewed in full in the Flight Summary.



All of the information featured within the latest release is standard functionality that can be accessed within skybook.

skybook is already used to great effect by airlines and operators across the globe.

It is proven to:

  • Reduce labour requirements and workloads
  • Improve data management across teams and departments
  • Improve situational awareness and decision making
  • Connect systems for improved information sharing
  • Reduce carbon footprints

To find out more about how skybook can help your company, arrange an introduction or speak to a product specialist simply email and we will take it from there





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