Connecting global aviation

When a number of our clients asked if it would be possible to connect them with other skybook users to pose questions, share experiences and to collaborate on new ideas, of course we were going to facilitate this, and that’s where our user forum was born.

The forum will run on a quarterly basis, starting in the summer of 2019, and is open to both skybook clients and companies interested in working with us.

The skybook user forum gives you the chance to speak regularly with other skybook operators across the globe, have your say in future product development and get early access to new products before they are officially released.

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Some of what skybook user forum will bring


The chance to speak regularly with other skybook operators

Get Involved

Have a say in current and future skybook product development

New Products

Get access to new skybook products before they’re officially released.

Meet Ups

Participate in quartley online webinars and annual face to face meets.

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