Companion App

Digital Briefing and Journey Log

The Companion App is an enhancement to skybook's Flight Operations Portal allowing the access of Flight Briefing materials and Journey Logs across any internet enabled device. With this brings flexibility and up to date information ensuring operations run smoothly and on-going management is informed by the best planning and post-flight datasets available.

Digital Briefing

The Digital Briefing software is similar to our Flight Briefing software but enables you to access the Flight Briefing materials across any internet enabled device. This gives you greater flexibility and the chance to get real-time information and reduce admin overheads.

The Digital Briefing software is part of our companion app and enables you to see Flight Briefing material quickly and intelligently, automatically alerting your crew to any information that is operationally significant and relevant to them, plus the ability to digitally record information as events happen.

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Journey Log

skybook allows for the recording of journey log information such as block times, fuel usage, de-icing, ground services, delay records and commander's reports.

skybook stores all planned and actual flight data providing you with a valuable repository of information that you can use to analyse your operational performance.

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