Real-time NOTAM Alerts

NOTAM Watch is a comprehensive tool using real-time data feeds to automatically send email notifications and highlight NOTAMs within briefing packages to improve flight safety.


Improving flight safety

NOTAM Watch helps you manage NOTAMs

In an industry where safety and compliance are paramount, accuracy is critical. Reviewing each NOTAM is proving to be both time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate, even with a larger team.

The skybook NOTAM Watch module instinctively reviews all operationally significant NOTAMs within briefing packages by highlighting NOTAMs of concern based on pre-defined setting of the NOTAM QCode. By using real-time data directly from EUROCONTROL, airline Operations, Dispatch teams and flight-deck crew can make accurate and prompt decisions and consequently increase team productivity, saving time and reducing operational and resource costs.

NOTAM Watch helps you manage NOTAMs

NOTAM Filtering

Reduce NOTAM overload

Filter NOTAMs to include or exclude information

The NOTAM filtering feature allows the user to define the information they receive. Briefing pack sizes are reduced and operations are streamlined. Operator-defined filtering is based on:

  • Series
  • Airfield or FIR
  • Q-Code
  • QFIR
Status updates are updated in real time and can be viewed using the Dispatch Monitor

Automated NOTAM Alerts

Promptly receive NOTAM notifications

Receive critical NOTAM alerts automatically

NOTAM Watch intuitively reviews all user-specific NOTAM information and alerts all relevant team members via email.

Create email notification rules allowing the automatic sending of NOTAMs of interest to multiple recipients based on pre-defined configurations.

Receive critical NOTAM alerts automatically

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