Connect your team from ground to flight deck with skybook flight operations software

The complete aviation operations software putting you in total control...

Take your operational efficiency to new heights

Manage daily flight schedules with ease and reduce labour requirements by being able to access and manage all vital sector information in one system.

skybook is the complete flight operations software suite that puts you in total control. Improve operational efficiencies, simplify and streamline workflows, integrate with other core systems, connect flight operations to the flight deck, and improve information sharing across the company.

Fully configurable and able to meet even the most stringent of operator requirements, skybook is the platform you need to achieve a fully digital and connected airline.

skybook aviation software integrates with existing systems

Integrates with existing systems

skybook aviation software lets you communicate in real time

Communicate in real time

skybook aviation software lets you managa multiple data sources

Manage multiple data sources

skybook aviation software can be tailored to your requirements

Tailored to individual requirements

Flight Dispatch

Get more done in less time

skybook is the end-to-end resource providing your global flight operations with an automated digital dispatch process. The system improves efficiencies by coordinating and managing all the technical and operational factors including;

  • Flight planning
  • Weather updates
  • Charts and route plotting
  • Flight following and so much more at the click of a button.

skybook flight software delivers the right data, right place, at the right time and on any device. Seamlessly manage all EFB and flight data going to the pilot, the crew and the operations team.

  • Receive real-time data
  • Instantly check weather
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Digitise your operations
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A flight dispatch team using skybook

Flight Briefing

Connect the ground to the flight crew in real-time

Automate daily flight planning and the distribution of flight briefing packs. skybook provides crews with;

  • Optimised flight plans
  • Up-to-date documents
  • Operational notices
  • Detailed airfield intelligence
  • FIR information and so much more.

skybook flight software delivers an unrivalled briefing experience by emphasising information of most importance to the crew.

  • Easily tailored to each OFP
  • Create comprehensive briefing packs in seconds
  • Access directly from the EFB
  • Easily integrates with 3rd party applications
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Improve your flight briefing with skybook

Electronic Flight Bag

Simplified workflows at the fingertips of your crew

The skybook EFB application provides pilots and flight crews with real-time data, including live weather updates, at the click of a button. It creates a truly collaborative solution that improves the reviewing, recording and sharing of flight information between the flight deck and operations.

The platform consists of several modules all in once place, with data sharing between each.

Eletronic Flight Bag by skybook has a number of features Eletronic Flight Bag by skybook has a number of features
  • Doesn't rely on third party data feeds
  • View all daily tasks at the touch of a button
  • Sync flight and ground crew in real-time
  • Receive real-time weather alerts as standard
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skybook enhancing a flight deck

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"We chose skybook as a digital briefing solution not only due to the capabilities of the system, but as a result of the willingness of Bytron to continue to develop the product inline with industry best practice"

Paul Smylie - Senior Manager, Flight Operations

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