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skybook keeps an intelligent eye on the sky

In his latest blog, our Technical Director Simon Clayton talks about how skybook uses automation to intelligently import the latest weather data from across the globe. Keeping track of the weather is one of the single most challenging factors in aviation operations across the globe. On any given day, the weather picture can and will continuously change, throwing up constant curve balls that...

By James | 30th August 2017 | News

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Get your free skybook trial off the ground today

When it comes to skybook, it would be all too easy for us to list the ways that we can help our clients to modernise flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey logging processes. Yes, skybook will deliver real world process improvements and efficiencies, helping to find significant time savings and ultimately reduce costs but we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. What we real...

By James | 24th August 2017 |

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RAIM now available through skybook

We are excited to announce that NAVBLUE’s RAIM+ is now available as part of our skybook offering, giving clients an enhanced user experience and access to unrivalled accuracy when integrating RAIM Prediction Mapping into flight planning systems.  What is RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) was developed to assess the accuracy and integrity of GPS signals&nbs...

By James | 7th August 2017 | News

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Intelligent ETOPS flight planning

Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards – or ETOPS for those in the know, requires a different approach when it comes to flight planning and crew briefing. Air crew need to understand not only the routes and sectors they are flying but also the ETOPS entry and exit points, ETOPS alternates, Equal Time Points, ETOPS Rule Time and much more. Preparing this level of detai...

By James | 19th July 2017 | News

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Client feedback helps to enhance our charts

Imagine being able to automatically generate weather data gathered from the most accurate sources, including the MET Office and NOAA, and then choosing how you want this to be displayed in your briefing packs, making it as easy as possible for dispatchers and aircrews to digest the information before each flight. Our latest skybook update allows you to do just that thanks to our enhanced weather ...

By James | 13th July 2017 | News

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