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A history of the internet 50 years on

On October 29, 1969, the first transmission was sent over the ARPANET from the University of California to the network at Stanford Research Institute marking...

Pictured is Ross Aitkin, IT Support Manager, sat at his desk smiling to the camera. On his desk is a laptop and separate screen, keyboard and mouse.

Meet the team. Here's something about IT Support

We're recruiting for an IT Support Engineer to join our aviation support team, so to give you a little insight into working with us, we're shining a light...

Image shows a hand activating skybook and the process through the cloud of taking the crew brieifng digital. Shown through an animation.

How skybook can take your flight crew briefing digital

With all the emphasis on Electronic Flight Bags and flight tracking in recent years it's become all too easy to overlook other areas where significant...

Bytron heads back to school

We were pleased to be involved in a careers fair to represent the tech industry and promote the opportunities available locally. Hosted by Caistor Grammer...

Graphic depicts paper based EFB and how it has moved to electronic.

Have you really gone paperless?

We speak to a lot of operators across the globe who have made the leap by investing in Electronic Flight Bag technology. This isn't unusual or surprising...

An abstract of code from a Developers computer

Meet the Bytron Junior Software Developers... Isaac S

Isaac Scarrott   Junior Software Developer Why Software Development? I've always liked computers and learning what I can do with them. I also...

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