By Dan Cook | 28 Feb 2023

Is your flight brief automated?

Having an automated flight brief process via an EFB system can massively reduce ground operating costs which can equate to an average of 29% of an airlines total costs!

Savings can be made on airport costs, ground handling and landing fees.

A digital flight brief process reduces the need for a flight planning area, traditionally used to look at weather reports, NOTAMs and other flight data. Whilst also eliminating the large printing requirements and the vast amount of time taken to compile all the reports into a briefing… with an intuitive digital alternative, known as skybook.   

Automating the flight briefing process saves valuable time for the pilots, with all relevant flight and weather data instantly available; eradicating the need for ground staff or aircrew to waste valuable time collating data packs.

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pilot briefing on an ipad tablet

How does an automated flight brief work?

Flight briefing packs are collated within the innovative skybook aviation cloud, which automatically gathers accurate data from reliable weather sources and creates bespoke packs for each OFP and specific route.

The pilot briefing packs are automatically filtered to include the most important weather and NOTAM information required for each flight. This majorly reduces the flight brief pack size and makes it more efficient for the flight crew.

Custom briefing packs can also be generated within the skybook dispatch system, giving dispatchers and flight operation officers the ability to add custom sectors, view a pdf version of the flight brief and check if the flight crew has uploaded the briefing pack and OFP to their electronic flight bag.

If there are any new flight safety notices or briefing attachments, these can also be automated to the relevant briefing packs for the flight crew to access.

dispatch briefing system and efb

Prioritising safety for the pilot briefing

By having an automated pilot briefing process, this removes the risk of the flight crew becoming distracted with outdated pre-flight planning processes.

Weather observations, forecasts, NOTAM, and other crucial reports are all immediately accessible and updated every 2 minutes on the EFB application; with a quick links overview provided on the summary page.

This ensures pilots have more time to prioritise decision making and focusing on the safety of operating the aircraft.

Compliance for future proofing

Not only does a digital flight brief provide huge efficiencies to your airline and help with improving on-time performance; it also future proofs airlines for compliance updates.

Your quality manager or head of flight operations will be pleased to know that at Bytron Aviation Systems we assist with compliance regulatory policies, as more regulators are mandating EFB for a digital pilot briefing process.

Our fully compliant ETOPs charts which are approved by the CAA, can also be automatically added to the pilot briefing packs and easily viewable via the dispatch briefing portal.

Try skybook's automated flight brief

We encourage airlines to trial all that skybook has to offer for 30 days. See how a digital pilot briefing and EFB journey log can make a huge difference to safety and provide efficient end-to-end flight operations data management, from pre-flight to post-flight.

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By Dan Cook | 28 Feb 2023

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