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Our aviation development roadmap highlights what is on the horizon for skybook this year and beyond

Biometric Touch ID Login

Our biometric touch IT login which will provide security, assurance and an efficient way to log into the skybook EFB, helping to verify identity for a fast and convenient user experience, with a unique set of biometrics.

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biometric touch id login
notam filtering on efb by keyword

NOTAM filtering by keyword

NOTAM filtering within the skybook ground system and EFB massively reduces overload for flight crew. Reducing briefing pack sizes and streamlining flight operations.

As well as current filtering options by Series, airfield, FIR, Q-Code or QFIR our NOTAM Management system will soon provide filtering by Keyword.

See NOTAM Watch

Flight Record Vault Reporting

Our record vault storage where pre and post flight data is stored; will be receiving an intuitive update in terms of usabilty, new features and data reporting.

Soon to be located within the Reporting & Analytics module for even easier access of all flight data.

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pre flight and post flight data storage

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