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Our aviation development roadmap highlights what is on the horizon for skybook this year and beyond

Dispatch / Ops Board

Our latest release sees updates to our flight dispatch and ops board modules by combing them together for a more streamlined and user friendly experience. As well as a fresh look and feel, with automatically refreshing capabilities.

Combing these will allow all the great features of both, such as:

  • Scheduling and monitoring flights
  • Monitor flight briefing updates
  • Manage delays quickly & real-time alerts

See Dispatch

flight dispatch and ops board combined
biometric touch id login

Biometric Touch ID Login

Our biometric touch IT login which will provide security, assurance and an efficient way to log into the skybook EFB, helping to verify identity for a fast and convenient user experience, with a unique set of biometrics.

See skybook

Document Management Library

Document Management Library will enable aircraft documents and manuals to be managed digitally on the ground portal and be synced to the flight crew on the electronic flight bag app.

Anticipated features for this digital library include:

  • Digital library for individual aircrafts
  • Powerful annotation and highlighting tools
  • Synchronised up-to-date documents to EFB

See Document Library

aircraft digital manuals efb
efb split screen

EFB Split Screen Capability

Split screen view compatibility will enable EFB app users to have multiple applications open on the same screen at once, enabling users to multitask by working on two apps at the same time, streamlining their workflow options.

See EFB app

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