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Our aviation development roadmap highlights what is on the horizon for skybook this year and beyond

Weight & Balance

Our long awaited Weight & Balance module will soon be available on the skybook EFB, including our bespoke Centre of Gravity tool which will ensure the aircraft stays within the flight envelope.

This includes our Last Minute Change (LMC) calculator, allowing flight crew to make quick and accurate changes to the aircraft load within acceptable safety limits.

Last minute change calculator

Additional Airfield Data

Upcoming the ability for pilots to supplement their briefings with information for airfields outside of those automatically selected for the sector.

This would allow pilots to include additional weather & NOTAMs that they consider to be of importance.


See Digital Briefing

Enhanced Voyage Sync

Our enhanced voyage sync will automatically sync data between multiple EFB devices, allowing the option to simultaneously push data to all the users detected in the area.

Users will be able to choose what data should be transferred to other devices and the app will automatically prompt users when signing off the flight phase to share the relevant information with the other devices.

airfield watch updates

Airfield Watch Updates

Airfield Watch will receive user experience updates to more easily locate individual airfields being displayed. An improved search capability for specific airports within existing groups of airports. 

Displaying the key information at all times to understand the conditions at each airfield.

See Airfield Watch



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