Connected applications for seamless data management

Automated data for each flight phase

We are experts in integrating systems and have been leading the way for many years. We work in partnership with our airline customers to understand their integration requirements and any problems that need solving.

We map out the integration from data source to end point whilst determining each users' accessibility needs. The benefits of creating integrated data solutions include:

  • Automated data management
  • Connecting the workflow from pre-flight to post-flight
  • Improved accuracy and communication
  • Saving time and increasing data availability

Flight Schedule Data & Crew Rosters

Flight schedules and crew rosters are easily integrated into the skybook Ground Portal and Electronic Flight Bag through our direct integrations with airline operations systems. For systems where we don’t have a direct integration, airlines can integrate with skybook using our API web service.

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Operational Flight Plan Data

We integrate with the main flight planning providers, allowing both ground staff and flight deck access to vital flight data during every stage of flight either through our EFB application or traditional paper-based briefings.

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Aircraft Loadsheet Data & LMCs

Integrating the aircraft loadsheet ensures the flight crew are aware of the aircraft's total weight and load distribution before take-off. Last Minute Changes can also be recorded and sent to the people and airline systems that need this information.

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MEL - Minimum Equipment List

Integrating the MEL data into the EFB ensures pilots are aware of any equipment that is inoperable and removes the need for the pilot to find out this information from other sources.

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Weather & NOTAM Integrations

skybook integrates weather and NOTAM information from multiple sources ensuring that ground staff and crew have the latest information available at any stage of the flight. Information is shared across all skybook modules ensuring everyone is looking at the same information. See the real benefits in modules such as Flight Tracking and Airfield Watch.

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Flight Tracking Position Data

By utilising ADS-B and/or ACARS aircraft data our Flight Tracking module displays the latest known position of all the aircraft in your fleet. You will be alerted about flight deviations from plan and have access to all the weather and NOTAM information available within skybook. Space-based ADS-B is also available to provide coverage across oceans and deserts.

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Other Aviation App Integrations

skybook is also able to integrate with a range of other popular aviation apps, for example providing the ability to instantly copy your flight route into FlightDeck Pro so it can automatically select all the airfield and enroute charts that your pilots require.

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skybook API

skybook API allows airlines to integrate directly with skybook through web services. For example, programmatically send flight schedule updates, loadsheets, NOTOCS, GENDECs and changes to the crew roster to skybook, removing the need for ground staff to update this information manually in the ground portal.

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Share EFF data across systems

Unlock EFF Information with skybook

Many aviation companies using different providers for flight planning and EFB applications, having a solution that ensures your data is available and unrestricted is game changing.

All the integrated data received gets stored within the skybook Flight Record Vault and can be used for dispatch or flight briefing. We can also share the Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) data with 3rd Party EFB applications using our API.

skybook does this automatically for every flight, therefore reducing workloads and generating cost savings across flight operations.

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Unlock EFF Information with skybook

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