Track status updates, review flight schedules and manage the impact of delays in Ops Board

Flight on-time performance

skybook Ops Board delivers a detailed, visual overview of flight schedules and performance via an intuitive user portal, giving flight dispatch teams the insights they require in one view.

The status of each flight can be reviewed in detail within the dispatch board software, which uses real time updates from wider skybook modules to show the on-time performance of each aircraft against the flight plan.

Real-Time alerting improves decision making

Real-Time alerting improves decision making

Ops Board is highly effective thanks to a unique user interface that ensures flight dispatch teams can identify emerging problems in an instant thanks to skybook active alerting.

In this instance, the Ops Board software not only identifies emerging flight schedule delays but also shows the length of the delay and the impact on the remaining sectors for that aircraft.

Having access to this real-time dispatch board information is proven to quickly help identify the flight delay, inform decision making and speed up the process of making changes that could mitigate the impact of the delays for all onward sectors.

Real-Time alerting improves decision making

Colour coding to aid recognition

Colour coding to aid recognition

The unique design of Ops Board combined with the highly effective skybook active alerting helps to ensure that emerging flight schedule delays can be identified at a glance and dealt with quickly.

Colour coding is used to great effect across the dispatch board software, allowing dispatch teams to identify a flight that is delayed, understand the length of each delay and if it is likely to impact on following sectors.

Colour coding to aid recognition

Notifications and status updates

Notifications and status updates

Configure the Ops Board to show the latest status updates, as processes are completed by the crew during each flight phase.

Notifications will be sent directly to the Ops Board from the skybook EFB application as pilots complete core tasks including download of the briefing package, sector acceptance, sign off and requesting fuel.

Ops Board will also generate notifications to highlight missing information that is key to a flight, for example if the OFP has not been uploaded.

Ops Board ensures aircrews get the comprehensive information they need for each flight, allowing them to track pre-flight progress and ensuring all key milestones are completed for on-time departure.

Status updates are updated in real time and can be viewed using the Dispatch Monitor

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