Digital Briefing

Hold skybook’s impressive flight crew briefing power in the palm of your hand

Our user-friendly interface helps your Aircrew quickly navigate through each aspect of their digital pilot briefing with ease in our innovative flight crew briefing system

Digital Briefing Overview

Bytron Aviation Systems were early adopters of mobile technology and our first crew briefing system actually went live with our EFB in 2007 when others were still doubting the need to reduce the reliance on paper crew briefing packs.

This experience and the insights we have gained over the years working closely with our clients has helped us to deliver our latest breakout solution; flight crew briefing software which offers operators across all aviation sectors a stand-out alternative to other Electronic Flight Bags and Electronic Flight Folders.

The skybook EFB Application is a fully integrated, collaborative digital pilot briefing platform that harnesses the full suite of skybook functionality and individual operator settings to deliver tailored, filtered narrow route briefings based on information taken directly from OFP’s, all via one flight crew briefing system.

Our next level flight crew briefing software is so much more than the endless range of other EFB/EFF solutions which simply house a collection of individual applications, each delivering a raft of information. We have taken the time to make our solution intuitive and easy-to-use, effectively delivering the information that matters the most, with little effort required from your Aircrew.

Digital Briefings Overview

Digital Briefings your crews will be familiar with.

Digital Briefings on the Flightdeck

Detailed briefing information on the flightdeck


Our EFB application contains our cutting-edge flight crew briefing software, delivering comprehensive digital briefing packs which are intuitive, user friendly and highly accessible. Designed with the aim of removing paper packs from the flight deck, each section of the digital pilot briefing has been designed to walk users through the information they need, with particular focus on the details that could have an adverse effect on the flight and the sector.

The briefing packs generated through our cutting edge flight crew briefing system truly are class leading and already in use with operators across the globe. They have been approved by airlines and CAA’s and have also passed IOSA and State Authority audits. Through our experience, our flight crew briefing software will help you achieve a more modern and efficient flight crew briefing that finally removes the need for bulky paper briefing packs on the flight deck.

Our comprehensive digital pilot briefings feature the latest data covering:

  • METAR, TAF, Upper Wind and Temp Charts
  • Airfield and FIR NOTAM
  • SigWX charts
  • Company Notices
  • Route plots including detailed ETOPS Charts
  • Unique colour coding highlights alerts
  • Supplementary Information and Documentation

Additional Features

Additional features and functionality that help deliver a seamless two-way flow of briefing information include the following:

  • Advanced filtering available for METAR, TAF, NOTAM and Charts
  • Highlighting for breach in Weather Minima, WX and NOTAM Q Code
  • Ability to include (and exclude) additional Airfields and NOTAM not included in flight plan
  • Dispatch Operations are notified once a crew member has taken a briefing pack
  • Ability to bookmark relevant information to easily retrieve at a later date
  • User friendly navigation and decoded METAR and TAF
  • Toggle between day and night modes
Digital Briefing Features

Coloured alerts for fast recognition even in low light conditions



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