Focus on the flight ahead with efficient crew briefings

Access your flight briefings via our award-winning electronic flight bag app! Proven to reduce flight crew workloads so they can focus on the flight ahead.

With an intuitive, user-friendly design that's customised specifically for pilots. Quick navigation and focusing on the most vital information for each flight sector.

The skybook digital pilot briefing pack really is an essential EFF application for airline pilots.


Focus on the flight ahead with efficient crew briefings

An EFB system that is tailored for airlines & operators

Save time ahead of the flight

We understand the challenges faced by aircrews preparing for each flight.

skybook improves the delivery of vital flight briefing information and saves time ahead of flight.

Impressive system integrations

Pilot briefing packs are generated for each flight using information extracted from the airlines OFP.

EFB integration with other systems means that a wide range of data can be included, saving time for dispatch teams.

User friendly navigation

Quick filters ensure aircrew receive the most important details of each flight sector.

The briefing package can be easily navigated with information instantly highlighted that could directly affect the flight.

Real time information for accurate briefings

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag app uses cutting-edge software, delivering interactive briefing packs which totally removes paper from the flight briefing process!

Each section of the EFB crew briefing walks users through the information they need and focuses on the details that could have an adverse effect on the flight and the sector.

The EFB digital briefing can be refreshed whilst it has a connection, ensuring aircrews have access to the latest real-time information for their flight.


Real time information for accurate briefings

skybook is trusted by the World’s leading Airlines and Aerospace companies

The complete pilot briefing EFB solution

Fully approved by airlines and CAA’s. The EFB has also passed IOSA and State Authority audits.

The digital pilot briefings feature sector specific information covering:

  • METAR, TAF, Upper Wind & Temp Charts
  • Airfield and FIR NOTAM
  • SigWX charts
  • Company Notices
  • Route plots including ETOPS Charts
  • Colour-coded alerts for weather and NOTAM

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Comprehensive digital pilot briefings
Comprehensive digital pilot briefings

Functionality for the flight deck

Additional features for a seamless, two-way flow of information include:

  • Direct messenger from Flight Dispatch to aircrew
  • Filtering for METAR, TAF, NOTAM and Charts
  • Highlighting breach in Weather Minima, WX and NOTAM Q Code
  • Interactive environment & weather map
  • Include / exclude additional Airfields and NOTAM
  • Progress indictors show when briefing pack is taken and sector accepted
  • Bookmark relevant information

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