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Reduce flight deck workloads and improve eyes up time with skybook EFB briefing packs.

EFB Crew Briefing

Ensure aircrews are focused on the flight ahead with skybook crew briefings

Airfield Watch allows you to view weather and NOTAM updates for multiple airfields

skybook EFB briefings are award winning and proven to reduce aircrew workloads through intuitive design, quick navigation and most of all, by focussing on the most vital information for each sector. Designed with pilots, for pilots...

Airfield Watch allows you to view weather and NOTAM updates for multiple airfields
The EFB application tailored for every operator
Reduce Time Spent

Working directly with operators has helped us understand the challenges faced by aircrews preparing for each flight. skybook vastly improves the delivery of vital briefing information and ultimately reducing the time it takes to brief ahead of each flight.

Tailored, Integrated Briefing Packs

skybook briefing packs are tailored to each operator and are generated automatically for each flight using detail extracted directly from each OFP as the basis. Our ability to integrate fully with other operating systems means that a wide range of supplementary information can also be included in each package without adding extra work to dispatch teams.

Reduced Aircrew Workloads

Our market leading filters ensure that aircrews always get the detail of most importance to each sector whilst our very intuitive design ensures each aspect of the briefing pack can be quickly and easily navigated with colour coded indicators instantly highlighting information that could directly affect the flight.

Real time information for accurate briefings

Real time information for accurate briefings

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag application uses cutting-edge software, delivering comprehensive interactive briefing packs that are intuitive, user friendly and highly accessible.

Designed to directly remove paper from the briefing process, each section of the EFB crew briefing has been designed to walk users through the information they need, with particular focus on the details that could have an adverse effect on the flight and the sector.

Far from offering a window in time overview offered by static briefing packs, the skybook EFB briefing can be refreshed whilst it has a connection ensuring aircrews always have access to the latest information for their flight.

Real time information for accurate briefings

A Seamless Flow of Data Between Flight Operations and Flight Deck

skybook is the platform you need to achieve a fully digital and connected airline. Improve efficiency, streamline workflows, integrate with core systems and improve information sharing across your company.

skybook Software is Trusted by the World’s Leading Airlines and Aerospace Companies

skybook Aviation Software is Trusted by the World’s Leading Airlines and Aerospace Companies

The complete package

Comprehensive digital pilot briefings

Our briefings have been approved by airlines and CAA’s and have also passed IOSA and State Authority audits.

Our comprehensive digital pilot briefings feature sector specific information covering:

  • METAR, TAF, Upper Wind & Temp Charts
  • Airfield and FIR NOTAM
  • SigWX charts
  • Company Notices
  • Route plots including ETOPS Charts
  • Unique colour coded alert indicator for weather and NOTAM
  • Supplementary Information and Documentation
Comprehensive digital pilot briefings

Functionality for the flight deck

Comprehensive digital pilot briefings

Additional features and functionality that help deliver a seamless two-way flow of briefing information include the following:

  • Direct messenger for communication between Ops/Dispatch and crew
  • Advanced filtering available for METAR, TAF, NOTAM and Charts
  • Highlighting for breach in Weather Minima, WX and NOTAM Q Code
  • Ability to include (and exclude) additional Airfields and NOTAM not included in flight plan
  • Progress indictors to show when pack is taken and sector accepted
  • Ability to bookmark relevant information to easily retrieve at a later date
  • User friendly navigation and decoded METAR and TAF
  • Toggle between day and night modes
Comprehensive digital pilot briefings

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