Document Management Library - COMING Q4 2022

Manage and share operational documents digitally for an entire air fleet or specific aircraft


Digital aircraft documents direct to your skybook EFB

The skybook Document Management Library enables all aircraft manuals and technical documents required for a flight to be uploaded and accessed via the electronic flight bag.

Documents are managed within the skybook Ground Portal and sent to the required EFB devices. This means pilots have access to the specific aircraft documents they need for each flight.

Version control is easy to manage - simply update the document and upload to the Document Management Library, saving time and printing costs.

  • No more need for printed manuals
  • Quicker access to specific documents
  • Digital library for each separate aircraft
  • Easily manage version control
skybook Document Management Library - Manage and share up-to-date operational documents
Pilots, aircraft technicians or cabin crew can annotate, highlight and make notes on any of the downloaded documents.

Powerful document annotation and highlighting tools

Consistency and efficiency lie at the heart of the skybook Document Management Library, empowering users with the tools to manage, organise and distribute up-to-the-minute changes to key documents and manuals.

Pilots, aircraft technicians or cabin crew using the skybook EFB app can annotate, highlight and make notes on any of the downloaded documents.

Other team members can then make the necessary amendments to the digital aircraft documents or be aware of any vital information that is highlighted for future updates.

Synchronise & maintain audit control

skybook automatically synchronises the latest airline documents to the pilot's EFB when any updates or new versions have been uploaded to the web-based ground portal.

Having all documents in one library ensures that staff have access to only the most up-to-date documents and reduces duplicated files on other machines. This ensures the document library is fully auditable, showing permissions of who owns and has access to the files.

  • All airline documents stored in one place
  • More efficient solution for auditing
  • Sync to EFB devices automatically
  • No need for large pilot bags
skybook Document Management Library automatically synchronises documents to the pilots EFB when any updates or new versions have been uploaded to the Ground Portal

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