Digital aircraft manuals direct to the pilots

Our airline Document Library enables specific aircraft documents required for a flight to be uploaded and accessed via the electronic flight bag.

Documents are managed within the Ground Portal and sent to designated EFB devices. This means pilots can easily access aircraft manuals and documents they need for their flight.


Digital aircraft manuals direct to the pilots
Manage aircraft document version control

The required documents for the specific aircraft

Simply upload the file to the designated aircraft folder and these will automatically download onto the pilots EFB when flying that sector.

Saving time and ensuring flight crew always have the latest operational documents.

  • Manage aircraft document version control
  • No more bulky printed aircraft manuals
  • Digital library for all separate aircrafts
  • Add expiry dates for specific documents

Comment & highlight crucial information

Aircrew using document library can easily annotate, highlight and bookmark specific pages on the EFB app.

Including a search function for quick navigation through the aircraft document.

Ground crew can make any necessary changes or be aware of highlighted information for future updates.

Comment & highlight crucial information
Synchronise & maintain audit control

Improved audit process at your airline

All aircraft documents in one digital library, ensures flight operations have the most up-to-date manuals and eliminates duplicated files.

The Document Library is fully auditable, showing permissions of who has access to the files.

  • All fleet & aircraft manuals in one place
  • Improved audit experience
  • Automatic sync to EFB devices

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