Automate crew notices for improved safety awareness

Automate crew notices for improved safety awareness

Automate crew notices for improved safety awareness

Adding extra information into flight briefing packs such as permits or a safety update, doesn’t have to be a challenge!

Remove the need for dispatchers to manually send updates, or forgetting to send vital information to the flight crew.

Automatically distribute vital updates to specific briefing packs, aircraft, or to relevant job roles within your operations.

Streamlining pilot workflow

Streamlining pilot workflow

The flight crew can see any additional notices and attachments either within the EFB briefing pack, via the flight plan pdf, or an ARINC 633 EFF package.

For flight crew notices that are critical, pilots can be alerted to acknowledge the information before completing the pre flight sign off on the EFB.

skybook Notices helps to streamline the pilot briefing process, by distributing only relevant information, helping to reduce fatigue.


See Digital Briefing

Streamlining pilot workflow

Different ways to send Notices

Notice targeting

Notices can automatically be added to briefing packs by targeting either:

  • Airports, FIRs
  • Flight Numbers
  • City Pairs, Dep or Dest

See Airfield Watch

Notice targeting

Send to job roles

Send a notice to specific job roles and view who has acknowledged the information.

  • Request acknowledgement
  • Send to multiple departments
  • Set an end date of acknowledgement
Send to job roles

Distribute to fleets

Ensure the exact fleet always have relevant information and updates.

  • Send important notices to all fleets
  • Send notices to a specific aircraft
Distribute to Fleets

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