Flight Safety & Crew Notices

We know how challenging it is for operators across all sectors of aviation to manage additional briefs, permits, manifests and updates that need to be included as part of flight briefings. Our answer to this challenge is skybook Notices.

Notices takes the management of this information away from busy flight dispatch teams. The work involved in adding the information to pilot briefing packs is greatly reduced via a series of built in options. We can even remove the need entirely by automating the import, categorisation and distribution of each document directly to relevant briefing packs.

Crew Briefing Templates

Reducing Flightdeck Workloads

Reducing Flightdeck Workloads

The benefits of skybook Notices aren’t solely reserved for dispatch teams. Aircrews will also enjoy an enhanced experience by having access to all important flight information in either PDF format, as part of the interactive skybook EFB briefing pack or via an ARINC 633 EFF package.

It doesn’t matter which format you use, the information is highly accessible. It can be saved and shared via email or printed if required. For information that’s more important, pilots can be alerted to ensure it isn’t missed.

This is just one example of how skybook flight crew notices helps to reduce flight deck workloads and can play a significant role in reducing fatigue through information overload.

Reducing Flightdeck Workloads

Creating a Digital Aircraft Document Library

Creating a Digital Library

Create your own online airline library for accessing digital aircraft manuals and documents, through skybook with our intuitive word processing and publishing software. Alternatively, download and import third-party digital libraries such as Airbus, Boeing, JARS, CAA and IATA and manage them centrally with ease so the information can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Our integrated flight safety notices sends flight information to the right people and places at the right time. This helps to improve accuracy, accountability, and awareness. Above all, it saves money by removing the need for additional software or systems to generate and deliver information across your organisation.

Creating a Digital Library

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