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for Flight Dispatch & EFB

Digital Airline Solutions for Flight Dispatchers & Commercial EFB Software
Digital Airline Solutions for Flight Dispatchers & Commercial EFB Software
Skybook Aviation Cloud Software

A fully integrated, seamless flow of data between flight operations and flight deck

skybook is the platform you need to achieve a fully digital and connected airline. Improve efficiency, streamline workflows, integrate with core systems and improve information sharing across your company.

skybook Aviation Software is Trusted by the World’s Leading Airlines and Aerospace Companies

skybook airline software is an award-winning flight dispatch, crew briefing and journey logging solution. Proven to save time and improve the quality and accuracy of flight operations.

Agile and modular by design, skybook is tailored to the requirements of each operator. Delivering a smooth transition from paper-based briefing, journey logging and manual inputting to a class-leading system driven by intelligent automation and smart integration.

Full flight data management all at the touch of a button via a single web-based portal and the skybook EFB app.

Skybook Flight Tracking

Intelligent data control from some of the world’s most trusted data feeds

Skybook Ops Board

Flight Operations Portal

View all scheduled flights, review the impact of significant weather and danger areas along the route, check detailed charts for weather, NOTAM, Route plotting (including ETOPS) and more...

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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

The complete electronic flight folder your airline has been waiting for... skybook EFB delivers comprehensive Digital Briefings an Interactive OFP and Journey Logging, providing detailed overviews of flight performance...

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Skybook App


Air Hamburg selects our Airfield Monitoring System

The team at Air Hamburg has chosen Bytron Aviation Systems as their aviation solution, for monitoring their weather and NOTAMs information. Utilizing our Airfield Watch module as a standalone Airfield Monitoring System, helps them respond to real-time situational changes that may affect their private flights or on-time performance.     Simply personal experience Air Hamburg i...

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