Flight Crew Incident Reports

Flight crew incident reports

Report all crew and aircraft incidents as they happen within the Electronic Flight Bag App and send the details directly to the teams on the ground.

The Commanders Report allows detailed information to be captured, ranging from passenger-related issues to aircraft technical problems, during any phase of the flight.

The crew reports can then be instantly transmitted back to the ground team to speed up decision making.

The incident reports can be automatically integrated into existing Mandatory Occurrence Reporting systems, eliminating the need for manual inputting.

Journey log for all phases of flight


Prepare for take off with:

  • Fuel data (fuel uplift, planned fuel, fuel slip photos & more)
  • Departure ATIS / ATC clearances
  • Flight crew, commander, duty time

Record journey data as it happens:

  • Off blocks / airborne
  • Flight delays & codes, de-icing
  • Loadsheets, APU, cruise level
  • Waypoint info, route direct, divert

Sign off the successful flight:

  • Landing times, take-off and landing pilot
  • Arrival fuel, planned fuel
  • Reports / comments
  • Flight sector sign off
See Journey Log
Access stored flight data for effective airline analytics

Analyse previous aircraft incident report data to highlight trends

With the innovative Reporting and Analytics module, airlines can use historic crew and aircraft incident reporting data to generate insights and make better informed decisions.

By accessing the pilots EFB data within skybook, operators can analyse previous crew reports, helping them to understand queries such as, which aircraft is having the most problems with passenger or technical issues.

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