Templates to assist your crew briefing

Crew Briefing Templates

Briefing templates enable flight dispatchers to generate detailed crew briefings without an OFP. Using a range of user friendly templates built in advance and created in a matter of seconds.

Each template can be customised from a series of options that determine what information is shown to the crew. Ensuring accurate and relevant data is included when the packs are generated.

To create a pilot briefing template, just enter the Airfields, FIRs of interest, optional NAT Tracks and applicable weather charts by region and time period.

The flight crew can access the created briefing template via the EFB app as an interactive digital briefing. The dispatcher can also see when it has been downloaded by the pilot.

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Crew Briefing Templates

No Flight Plan, No Problem

No Flight Plan, No Problem

Pack templates can be used for non-standard airline operations such as practice circuits, maintainance flights and training missions. They are also highly useful for ground handlers, FBOs and airports providing additional briefing services for operators.

The ability to generate a detailed Crew Briefing without an OFP, forms the basis of the information included within the pack.

Providing a full overview of the flight:

  • Airport information with the latest METAR and TAF
  • FIR data including NOTAM, SIGMET and ASHTAM
  • Comprehensive weather charts
  • Additional notices and updates (including airport briefings and route matched information)
No Flight Plan, No Problem
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