Briefing Pack Templates

Generate tailored crew briefings in seconds using pre-defined skybook crew briefing templates

Generate tailored crew briefings in seconds using pre-defined skybook crew briefing templates

Crew Briefing Templates

Crew Briefing Templates

skybook Templates enable flight dispatch, ground handling and flight operations support teams to generate detailed crew briefings via a series of intuitive and user friendly templates that can be built in advance and created in a matter of seconds.

The templates can be easily customised when created by selecting from a series of options that determine what information is presented to the crew. It’s also these selections that ensure skybook includes the most accurate and relevant up to the minute data when the packs are generated.

Briefing templates are created by entering the Airfields and FIRs of interest, optional NAT Tracks and any applicable weather charts by region and time period.

Once a flight briefing pack template has been created it can be easily accessed via any connected device. The user can then choose to download and save a digital PDF version that can be emailed or print the package should the need arise.

Crew Briefing Templates

No Flight Plan, No Problem

No Flight Plan, No Problem

skybook Templates can be used to great effect for non-standard operations such as circuits, maintainance flights and training missions. Templates are also proven to be a highly effective tool for ground handlers, FBOs and airports providing additional briefing services for operators.

This proven effectiveness is in part thanks to the ability to generate a detailed crew briefing without the need for an OFP to form the basis of the information included within the pack.

In the event of a briefing package being required without the availability of a supporting flight plan, users can simply create a package by selecting from the options and parameters available within Pack Templates. Users can then rely on the class leading data sets that are a major feature of skybook to provide a comprehensive overview of the flight which will include:

  • Airport information including the latest METAR and TAF
  • FIR data including NOTAM, SIGMET and ASHTAM
  • Weather charts
  • Additional notices and updates (including airport briefings and route matched information)
No Flight Plan, No Problem

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