Airfield Watch

Are you monitoring airport weather & NOTAMs effectively?


Quick overview of changing conditions

Airfield Watch allows you to view weather and NOTAM updates for multiple airfields

Keeping track of weather conditions for all of your airports in a busy OCC environment, can be challenging!

skybook Airfield Watch makes it easy to view Wx & NOTAM changes relevant to your flight operations. Saving manual searching or using multiple systems.

Using your flight plan data for departure, destination and alternate airfields, improving awareness within your team.

Using real-time data from the Met Office, NOAA and EUROCONTROL, critical issues are instantly noticed, allowing for quick planning.

Airfield Watch allows you to view weather and NOTAM updates for multiple airfields

"It helps to attract attention to troublesome areas when our team is busy with daily operational tasks"

Domas Makarevičius,
Flight Planning Manager, GetJet Airlines

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GetJet Airlines use skybook Aviation Software
Instantly see any critical issues

Instantly see any critical issues

Airfield Watch shows a clear overview of the METAR, TAF and NOTAMs of your chosen airfields of interest.

Colour-coded graphics display key weather data including Cloud Ceiling, Visibility, RVR, Wind Speed and Gust.

More detailed aerodrome information can be accessed by simply clicking on an airfield graphic.

Customise your airports into groups

You can create custom groups of airports to monitor using IATA or ICAO codes - useful if your airline has specific routes on certain days, or if you want to separate airports by country, for example.

Airfield Watch automatically comes configured with your departure, destination and alternate airfields.

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You can modify Minima settings to change what displays as a warning

Configure weather minima limits

Our airfield monitoring system alerts of any significant changes, based on your airline's preferred minima parameters.

There is a default set of minima for all airfields. With custom minima for category A, B and C airports and specific minima for tricky aviation fields with special requirements.

Red, amber and green simplifies weather and NOTAM monitoring, improving your team's reactions.

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