By Dan Cook | 26 Jan 2024

GetJet improves airfield awareness in their OCC

Upon receiving a request from the Head of Operation Control Centre (OCC) at GetJet Airlines, who were looking to enhance their team's awareness of the ever-changing weather conditions at their designated arrival airports, we eagerly embraced the chance to assist them...

GetJet Airlines is a Lithuania based ACMI lease and charter services airline, offering a varied fleet for narrow-body Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 next generation.

With destinations covering over 50 countries and airports, it is vital that their team gain access to a reliable, real-time overview of all their airfields of interest for full safety awareness.

What happened next…

After a short demonstration of our airfield & Aerodrome weather and NOTAM monitoring module, better known as Airfield Watch, we provided GetJet with a 30 day trial of the system.

Giving them time to try it out in their live OCC environment.

We were able to integrate with their OFP data provider, so that their flight plans feed data directly into the Airfield Watch module.

This meant their team could view all of the live flight data for the relevant departure, destination and alternate airfields; with the weather and NOTAM data automatically refreshing and feeding in with the latest flight plan data!

Onboarding with Bytron

After the trial, GetJet were happy to onboard with our airfield monitoring software. By becoming a customer, they gained full access to our 24/7/365 support helpdesk and they received a designated account manager for regular touchpoints.

Their flight Planning Manager, Domas Makarevičius had this to say:

“Airfield watch has become an important and useful tool in our OCC’s day to day operations by providing quick and easy to use reference when it comes to weather conditions in airports in use.

It helps to attract attention to troublesome areas when our team is busy with daily operational tasks and assists with getting a quick overview of situation at the beginning of their shifts.”

Improved NOTAM monitoring

GetJet also opted to improve their NOTAM monitoring situation by using our NOTAM Watch module. This provides them with real-time alerts of critical and warning NOTAMs relevant to their operations.

What stands out is the ability to filter NOTAMs to exclude irrelevant ones, either by series, Airfield / FIR, QFIR or QCode. Ensuring only vital alerts are reaching the right person, at the right time, therefore improving safety and efficiency within their OCC department.

GetJet have also suggested other NOTAM filtering options, such as keyword filtering which is due to be available soon.

notam monitoring system

Want to try aerodrome monitoring?

Is your airline OCC department struggling to maintain situational airfield safety awareness of weather & notam changes?

You can schedule a demo to see Airfield Watch in action and receive a full trial yourself.

You may also be interested in exploring our GADSS compliant flight tracking system, an invaluable tool for flight operations.


By Dan Cook | 26 Jan 2024

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