Electronic Flight Bag

skybook’s electronic flight bag brings you the most complete EFB solution for digital briefing, journey logging, reporting and analysis

Our skybook flight deck companion and electronic flight bag is so much more than the usual EFF or EFB solution. It’s the flight crew software your aircrew have been waiting for...

Available as part of our skybook Premium Package or as a stand-alone electronic flight bag, the skybook flight deck companion app is what you need to achieve a paperless flight deck, delivers a highly intuitive user interface, can be downloaded easily from all supporting app stores and also via Corporate Enterprise for example AirWatch, delivering unrivalled flexibility across Apple, Windows and Android devices. Our app is the evolution of the EFB and EFF; it’s the flight crew software which puts your users firmly in control.

Our electronic flight bag application uses the full power of skybook, generating comprehensive digital briefing packs using operator settings to interpret the detail taken directly from your OFP’s operator settings.

It’s not all one-way traffic though as our skybook EFB solution also features our unique Interactive OFP and Journey Logging functionality, making it the perfect flight crew software for any airline. Our next generation electronic flight bag gives crews the ability to capture all actuals, incident details, any delays, fuel usage, unexpected expenses or route changes during a flight, providing a detailed overview of each sector that has been flown. This is so much more of an EFB solution than any other generic electronic flight bag on the market today.


Our EFB App delivers comprehensive digital briefings, removing the reliance on paper packs so you can transition towards a truly paperless flight deck. Our innovative functionality lays out each section of the electronic flight folder in a structured and intuitive way that leads aircrew and dispatch teams through every important piece of information, highlighting potential concerns and information that could affect a flight. This is user-friendly flight crew software at its very best.

Our briefing packs have been used and accredited by numerous airlines and CAA’s and have passed IOSA and State Authority audits. They are class leading, environmentally friendly, and it’s why our electronic flight bag solution makes such a difference to our customers.

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The Journey Log module within our electronic flight bag allows your crew to record actual end-to-end voyage information digitally for each flight, removing the need to capture important information on paper, helping to deliver consistently accurate, detailed and auditable flight records.

Actual flight data can be recorded throughout the flight and can either be transmitted directly to Operations Teams on the ground during the flight or stored on the EFB Application until you regain connectivity. Our EFB solution really is the flight deck companion your crew want with them in the cockpit.

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Remove the need for printed material and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to our digital crew briefings. Crews will have access to detailed briefing material and real time updates via our app. The app is available across Apple, Android and Windows devices delivering a user interface that is second to none and makes a paperless flight deck possible.


Record waypoint information with our truly interactive Operational Flight Plan and generate a fully digital journey log by utilising our crew, de-icing, ground services, delays and commanders reports modules.


Upon internet connectivity, our EFB solution will sync all logged journey data with the ground-based web portal, creating a repository of flight information that can be instantly accessed and used for reporting. No need to wait for paper reports to come back.


The skybook Flight Operations Portal analyses journey log data, providing insightful management reports based on actual flight performance, helping you to understand every aspect of your flights from departure to destination.

Why not build additional functionality and information into the skybook EFB by integrating with other core systems and data feeds?

We’ll configure our Electronic Flight Bag in-line with your specific operational requirements to ensure your crews have access to the information they need for each flight without having to constantly load multiple applications.

One App offering endless possibilities...

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