Electronic Flight Bag

Streamline your flight deck with the skybook EFB


The skybook Electronic Flight Bag is the most streamlined, complete EFB solution for digital briefing, journey logging and post-flight analysis.

Electronic Flight Bag Innovation

Complete EFB solution

Bytron Aviation Systems are class leaders of EFB technology and automating flight data from pre-flight to post-flight.

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag is developed to be easier and quicker than the paper it replaces. Integrating with other systems to reduce pilot workloads, improve data input and sharing of vital flight information across every sector.

Part of the powerful skybook flight management system, the Electronic Flight Bag is tailored for commercial pilots and has been developed with over 39 years of aviation experience.


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Electronic Flight Bag Innovation

Why choose skybook EFB?

Real-time digital briefings

Go paperless and massively reduce carbon footprint by switching to digital flight briefings.

Pilots gain access to our truely interactive Operational Flight Plan and can view real time updates via the skybook EFB application.

Digital briefing

skybook EFB - Real-time digital briefings

Streamlined journey log

Our tried and tested journey log ensures each flight phase is the most streamlined and innovative EFB, saving pilots vital time.

Capturing data such as fuel, delays, nav-log de-icing, ground services and commander's reports.

Journey Log

skybook EFB - Streamlined journey log

Quick document access

Managing manuals for your entire fleets and specific aircraft, is so much easier thanks to Document Library.

These can be easily accessed via the pilots EFB, reducing the need for searching though bulky paper manuals.

Document Library

skybook EFB - Quick document access

Integrated technology

Our integration capabilities are one of the best in the industry, providing automated flight phases from data source to end point.

Our EFB saves time switching between apps by integrating with other applications such as FliteDeck Pro and mPilot.


skybook EFB - Integrated technology

Single point of truth

The skybook EFB application automatically syncs all logged journey data with the ground portal.

Creating an archive of flight information that can be instantly accessed and used for post-flight analysis and reporting.

Helping you to understand every aspect of flight performance from departure to destination.

Flight Analytics

Paper to EFB
Paper to EFB

Paperless flight deck

Digital briefing allows information to be tailored to each operator and features all vital detail that once required 50lbs of paper for each pack.

Route data taken directly from the OFP is automatically generated into an interactive briefing that can easily be updated.

The briefing is reviewed by skybook, and all potential problems are highlighted throughout each section of the pack, presenting all vital information directly to the flight crew.

Our briefing packs are used worldwide passing IOSA & State Authority audits, and also accredited by numerous airlines and CAA's.

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Accurate data capture

Journey Log Forms - Electronic Flight Bag

We understand the need to capture concise and accurate data throughout each flight phase.

Journey Log delivers an efficient way for aircrews to record all vital information during flights. This information is securely shared at the touch of a button with flight operations, maintenance, and other departments.

When the flight is signed off, a detailed flight summary is created and transmitted in near real-time back to

The skybook Record Vault securely stores a detailed flight summary and can be accessed instantly by flight operations and management.


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Journey Log Forms - Electronic Flight Bag
Managing flight data
Managing flight data

Managing flight data

Deliver additional functionality, create connected systems and convert data into ARINC 633 format - all through skybook thanks to our API capability to provide for third party EFF’s.

No other EFB solution can manage the two way flow of vital information like skybook.

The most flexible EFB and flight management system available.

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