Flight Tracking

Experience GADSS compliance through skybook Flight Tracking

In the aviation industry, safety and accuracy are paramount. Not only is it essential to know the location of aircraft within a fleet but also the environmental factors they face during journeys.

Flight Tracking combines class-leading skybook technology with global positioning data to provide vital insights into flight status, on-time performance and broader environmental factors that could affect the sector.

The Flight Tracking module manages all of this information within a single user-friendly portal.

Driven By Technology

Locate aircraft with real-time updates

skybook Flight Tracking generates a comprehensive route plot extracted directly from each flight plan. It uses positioning information taken directly from real-time ACARS and/or ADS-B position updates to monitor each aircraft during the voyage.

Compare actual flight progress against the planned route on a global display and tracking map with the functionality to show all active flights or to focus on a single journey.

Active Alerting

Up-to-date alerts for efficient decision making

skybook Active Alerting

Real-time tracking functionality allows the sending of alerts when flights deviate from their planned route.

Alerts are displayed prominently within both the Flight Tracking module and Dispatch Portal. Instant awareness ensures that potential issues are dealt with quickly

skybook Active Alerting

More than flight progress reports

skybook Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking reviews weather and NOTAM data, immediately highlighting emerging issues that could affect monitored flights. The swift creation of alerts means quicker responses and will result in increased operational performance.

skybook Flight Tracking

One portal for all vital information

Flight Following Desktop
  • Track real-time flight progress
  • Active alerting for flights
  • Weather and NOTAM for all airports of interest
  • Waypoint details (flight level, fuel and timings)
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Allow users to select and view the data of most importance
Flight Following Desktop

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