Locate aircraft with real-time position updates

skybook Flight Tracking generates a comprehensive route plot extracted directly from each flight plan. It uses positioning data taken from real-time ACARS and/or ADS-B position reports to monitor each aircraft during the voyage.

Compare actual flight progress against the planned route on a global display and tracking map with the functionality to show entire fleet or focus on a single journey.

skybook Active Alerting
One portal for all vital aircraft position data

One portal for all vital aircraft position data

Flight tracking has an array of impressive features. Such as the ability to visualise weather and NOTAM conditions from different flight level altitudes. Stay ahead of any arising weather forecast issues by utilising the WX period slider.

Creating a strong global awareness of all real-time visual flights you are following.

  • Weather and NOTAM for all airports
  • Active alerts of deviated flights
  • Filters such as Aircraft type or Flight number
  • Planned position data, fuel and timings

Cutting-edge weather layers

Real-time weather layers, which also feature on the skybook Electronic Flight Bag, gives flight operations a better understanding of current and emerging issues:

  • Upper wind and temperature
  • Clear air turbulence
  • Cumulonimbus Cloud
  • Cyclones
  • Volcanoes


Cutting-edge weather layers

Environment awareness

Visualise environment factors such as airfield data, FIRS, North Atlantic Tracks and Graticule.

Combining flight, environment and weather filters makes flight tracking a must have solution for flight followers and ops teams.

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Active flight alerts for quick decision making
Active flight alerts for quick decision making

Active flight alerts for quick decision making

Real-time tracking functionality allows the sending of alerts when flights deviate from their planned route based on the airlines OFP.

Alerts are displayed prominently within both the Flight Tracking software and Dispatch Portal. Instant awareness ensures that potential issues are dealt with quickly.

Aircraft position colour coding

During flight watch duties, tracking specific aircraft is made easier with aircraft colour coding:

Blue - On the ground 15 minutes pre-flight and post-flight

White - Planned position based on the flight plan

Green - Actual position of the aircraft

Red - Aircraft has deviated from planned route

Active flight alerts for quick decision making

Ensure your Airline is GADSS compliant...

Safety and accuracy are paramount to airlines and aviation companies. Not only is it essential to know the location of aircraft within a fleet but also the environmental factors that pilots face in-flight.

Flight Tracking uses actual time global positioning data, to help flight dispatchers and operators visualise their current flights. Providing vital insights of flight status, on-time performance, environmental and weather factors, ensuring your airline is fully GADSS compliant.

skybook Active Alerting

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