Flight Dispatch

Manage schedules, dispatch flights, brief, receive alerts and track flight status

skybook Flight Dispatch software improves the management of all vital flight information, track key milestones of each flight and deliver tailored briefings, all via a single intuitive portal.

"The highly configurable solution provides a useful tool for our pilots, as well as for our Flight Operations and Network Control teams"

Paul Smylie

Senior Manager, Flight Operations

Paul Smylie

Senior Manager, Flight Operations

Dispatch Monitor

Manage flights with ease

Flight Dispatch software to help you manage your daily flight schedules

The skybook Dispatch Monitor is an intelligent solution that allows dispatch teams to access all vital information needed for each sector at the touch of a button within an intuitive user-friendly dashboard.

skybook, unlike other solutions, provides a detailed overview of each sector straight out the box requiring little more than a flight plan to automatically source, review and generate each piece of information necessary to manage flights with ease, all via a single portal.

Dispatch monitor tailors to meet the needs of each operator to provide instant access to a comprehensive range of information specific to each flight including;

  • Schedule of flights with tabular data of interest
  • Access to flight plans
  • Access to briefing information and charts
  • Access to METAR and TAF
  • Flight timings including off blocks, airborne, landing and on blocks
  • Crew and PAX information
Flight Dispatch software to help you manage your daily flight schedules

Improve decision making with instant status updates

Status updates are updated in real time and can be viewed using the Dispatch Monitor

skybook Dispatch Monitor's real-time update feature ensures your Operations and Dispatch teams arms itself with the latest information and changes. Activity tracking, including acceptances and sign off's and flight progress monitoring, are achieved via a series of fully customisable updates and alerts.

Embracing the technology that drives our Dispatch Monitor will ensure your teams are more productive, workload reduces, flights are more efficient, and decision making improves by having access to the information needed to stay on schedule.

Status updates are updated in real time and can be viewed using the Dispatch Monitor

Tailored crew briefings at the click of a button

skybook automatically generates tailored crew briefings using settings and requirements that are specific to each operator.
Every briefing package contains:

  • METAR and TAF information for departure, destination and alternate airports
  • NOTAM information for airports and FIRS
  • Upper Wind and Temperature, SigWX, SIGMET's, route plots, ETOPS and Vertical Profile Charts
  • All applicable Tracks
  • Full flight plan
  • Operational notices targeted to each flight
NOTAM icon

Unique NOTAM filtering and alerting along with weather alerts specific to each operator

Icon Device icon

Available in PDF format or as part of the interactive briefing package within skybook EFB

Clock icon

Proven to significantly reduce the time it takes to create, review and distribute to aircrews

Improving flight deck communications

Improve flight deck communications with instant messaging

Daily flight schedules are subject to constant change so skybook enables these changes to be communicated quickly and directly to aircrews, even if they are last minute.

Dispatch Monitor instant messenger allows Flight Dispatch to directly message aircrews via their skybook EFB generating a device-based notification that appears regardless of which application the crew may be using at the time. These advisories ensure the flight crew are sighted on the changes and can take appropriate action.

Improve flight deck communications with instant messaging

OPS Board

Daily schedule and performance information in one view

Ops Board uses real time updates to show how each flight is performing

Monitor the status of your flights in skybook OPS Board which uses real-time updates to show how each departure is performing against the flight plan.

The user-friendly design features a colour coded time display that clearly shows the status of each voyage, and this can be further enhanced and configured in line with operator requirements.

Each 'actual' sector block shows the current known status of the flight which uses the data recorded by aircrews in the EFB application as a minimum.

OPS Board will help management teams, and supervisors maintain a detailed overview of daily flight schedules and performance without having to trawl for the information or repeatedly refresh multiple screens.

Ops Board uses real time updates to show how each flight is performing
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