Create eForms for your operational needs

Flight operations can go totally paperless with our electronic Form Builder. Interactive forms that can be quickly created and shared to the pilots EFB app.

All created eForms are saved in one place, making them accessible for future use and providing an audit trail.

Once the pilots complete the forms, the information is synced and stored within our flight data storage for accessing historic flight data.

Create eForms for your operational needs
Skybook aviation software allows you to build custom forms

Drag & drop builder

Create bespoke eForms with the easy to use drag & drop builder. Save and edit them at any time.

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Skybook aviation software lets you publish your own custom forms

Send forms to EFB

Instantly share the custom electronic forms to the pilots EFB, for the pilot to complete during the flight phases.

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Skybook aviation software lets you create forms and view the forms reports

eForm reports

Share the completed form reports with other departments using the skybook API & keep it safe within the Record Vault.

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Form Builder puts users in full control thanks to a highly intuitive design that makes creating a form easy, minimising the time it takes to create a form and making the transition from paper to digital a breeze

Electronic forms for a paperless airline...

Form Builder puts users in full control thanks to drag & drop functionality that makes creating a form very easy!

Create custom forms to your specific requirements via the Ground system, that pilots input on the Electronic flight bag.

skybook already helps operators deliver huge efficiencies with Dispatch, Digital Briefing and Journey Log. Connecting the workflow of flight operations and being your single point of data management.


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Smart EFB forms

Smart EFB forms

Each EFB form can be configured as a smart form, which prepopulates information, requiring less input from your crew.

The form automatically receives specific aircraft or sector data, directly from sources such as the OFP and crew schedules.

Forms for streamlining flight crew workflows

Create forms straight away using the simple builder and intuitive drag & drop components.

Set permissions on who can use them and enter distribution rules to decide where the digital forms will be sent.

  • Remove paper use and printed forms
  • Completed form information is instantly available
  • Improve workflow within flight operations
  • Automate information sharing between departments
Improve flight deck communications with instant messaging
Make your data more accessible than ever by integrating skybook with other airline systems

Instant access to flight data

Make your data more accessible by integrating with other systems for automated information sharing, all via the skybook API.

For example, an Air Safety Report created in Form Builder and completed by a pilot, can instantly send to an existing airline reporting system.

No need for manual inputting into another system, saving time, human errors and money!



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