Efficient flight planning with airport groups

Planning Portal provides detailed briefing information for an improved flight planning process.

Create groups of airports that are relevant to your routes using ICAO or IATA codes.

Instantly gain full awareness of METAR, TAF, Wx trends and NOTAM data for all your airports at once.

Efficient flight planning with airport groups
FIR information

Instantly view latest FIR information

Access detailed Wx information for all of your flight information regions of interest.

This also includes data for ASHTAM, NOTAM and any vital operational notices that have been added to that FIR.



Quick access to satellite images & Wx charts

Save time flight planning by accessing the latest region satellites, infrared images and weather charts.

View a range of Wx charts that show upper wind and temperature for ICAO regions; and different flight levels for current times, or 6 to 12 hours from now.



satellite images & Wx charts

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