Flight Briefing

Automate the collation and distribution of important flight briefing material and notices with our dispatch briefing system and flight planning portal

Our flight briefing software and innovative flight planning portal provides next generation briefing packs configured specifically to each operator. These can be printed, downloaded as a PDF and also accessed remotely via the Electronic Flight Bag.

As far as flight briefing systems go, our solution really is at the forefront. skybook automatically collates and analyses all flight briefing material quickly and intelligently, delivering flight briefings and narrow route briefings that are already proven by operators across the globe, having been accredited by numerous airlines, CAA’s and passed IOSA audits. This is a dispatch briefing system at its very best.

Packs are tailored to each OFP with particular emphasis being given to the information of most importance to the crew thanks to our unique filtering and coloured alerting system, helping reduce briefing pack sizes and delivering a much-improved flight briefing experience.

Our Flight Briefing system allows the creation of comprehensive briefing packs tailored to the route being flown, with only the most important information being highlighted and presented to the crew.

The unrivalled flexibility of skybook briefing packs help deliver a structured migration away from paper briefings to fully digital app based interactive crew briefings.

Narrow Route Briefing

Narrow Route Briefings make full use of the unique advanced filtering options in our flight planning portal, that help reduce the pack size significantly, helping skybook stand out from other systems on the market.

Narrow route crew briefings are based on the route defined in your flight plans. These briefings contain detailed METAR, TAF, Airfield and FIR NOTAM, Upper Wind and Temperature Charts, SigWX charts, SIGMETS and route plots including ETOPS, Company Notices and Supplementary Information and Documentation

Created in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button, crew briefings can be accessed directly from the EFB Application or exported into PDF so they can either be saved digitally or printed as a hard copy.

Skybook Planning Portal

Flight Planning Portal

The skybook Flight Planning Portal gives flight dispatch, ground crews and aircrew if required, access to detailed airfield and FIR information, weather, satellite imagery and more, all of which can be used to aid planning and self-briefing. Within the Flight Planning Portal you can review:

  • Raw METAR & TAF
  • Decoded METAR & TAF
  • Airfield & FIR NOTAM
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Charts
  • Tracks
  • RAIM Reports
  • Storms and Volcanic Ash

Operational Notices

With skybook, it’s easy to create, maintain and distribute Flight Crew Notices (FCN), Flight Safety Notices (FSN), Cabin Crew Notices (CCN) and more depending on your requirements.

skybook automatically alerts your Flight Crew to any notices or documents that are relevant to them, whether on general release, specific to their fleet, or specific to them personally.

You can create and maintain digital libraries for upload using in-house word processing and publishing software. Third-party digital libraries from the likes of Airbus, Boeing, CAA and IATA can also be used as additional content to be included within notices.

Skybook Planning Portal

CASE STUDY Delivering both civilian and military operations is a real challenge.

Chosen to replace their outdated manual processes to gather information from a multitude of systems and third parties, AirTanker are now using skybook not only to automate Crew Briefing but also Flight Dispatch, ETOPS Charting and Airfield Monitoring.


skybook Companion Tablet App

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is designed to bring skybook in to the cockpit as the perfect EFB.

Delivering intuitive digital briefing’s that are created using our class leading data sets, the app is available across Apple, Android and Windows devices delivering a user interface that is second to none.

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