Post-flight analysis in one place

Reporting & Analytics gathers post-flight data from the EFB, bringing new insights and efficiencies to flight operations.

Analyse flight data and share reports, automatically created within skybook. No more time consuming tasks such as exporting 3rd party data or creating manual reports.

Once the pilot signs off a flight using Journey Log on the skybook Electronic Flight Bag, all data can be analysed, such as:

  • Flight on time performance
  • Aircraft planned & actual fuel usage
  • Delay code analysis
  • Voyage & Crew reports
skybook Reporting & Analytics dashboard brings excellent efficiency to airlines’ flight operations

Fuel dashboard

Our fuel dashboard provides an excellent report of aircraft fuel usage data over a period of 30, 60 or 90 days.

By analysing the fuel data, this helps to identify performance & maintenance issues and brings focus to improving fuel efficiencies.

Features include:

  • Planned fuel vs actual fuel
  • Highest burning routes, airports & fleet
  • Route planning fuel burn
Export accurate journey insights to make savings & improve airline efficiency
Export accurate journey insights to make savings & improve airline efficiency

In depth route data

Planned vs actual route fuel data provides a greater awareness for comparing flights, inefficient routes, identifying fuel differences from the flight plan and so much more.

Compare routes by:

  • Fuel burn
  • Actual block fuel
  • Actual arrival fuel

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On time performance analytics

Accurate on time performance data

Analyse your flight data to find trends that will help improve airline on time performance targets.

With a user-friendly interface, set your airlines overall KPI and analyse information such as:

  • Most delayed airports
  • Flight frequent delays
  • Specific fleet performance
  • Overall fleet

Delay codes analysis

Examine the flight analysis data to see which airline delay codes are costly within your flight operations and affecting your on time performance.

Observe regular trends such as a high number of technical defects on a particular aircraft or regular late acceptances.

Compare the on-time vs delayed flights, to help improve the airline delay target.

Export accurate journey insights to make savings & improve airline efficiency

Flight history data

Access up to 5 years worth of historical flight information within the Record Vault.

Complete flight data synced from the pilots EFB app, showing event timelines, crew information, flight phase data, EFF files and more.

Easily download and share multiple voyage reports, flight plans, flight tracking data and more.


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