Reporting & Analytics

Analyse flight data all in one place and create reports to help improve airline performance


Flight analytics all in one place

The skybook Reporting & Analytics dashboard shows key flight and aircraft performance data, bringing efficiency to airline flight operations. Allowing departments such as performance planning, scheduling, finance or marketing to analyse and share flight data. Saving time exporting from 3rd party systems.

Exporting data to external programs such as excel to manually create charts and reports, takes up an operator’s valuable time; this data is all available directly within skybook.

Once a pilot signs off a flight, the Reporting & Analytics dashboard captures the flight data using the Journey Logging module of the skybook EFB. This gives operators access to individual aircraft flight analytics such as:

  • On time performance data
  • Aircraft fuel uplift and usage
  • De-icing analysis
  • Crew report information
skybook Reporting & Analytics dashboard brings excellent efficiency to airlines’ flight operations
On time performance analytics

On time performance analytics

Find analytical trends to help improve airline on time performance. Using the intelligent widgets, set your airlines KPI and analyse flight data by:

  • Airport
  • Delays
  • Overall fleet
  • Specific fleet
  • Overall OTP
  • Airline KPI
Export accurate journey insights to make savings & improve airline efficiency

Export accurate journey insights to make savings & improve airline efficiency

Analytical data from the skybook Reporting & Analytics dashboard can be exported and used to report vital information to the right people. Operators can then make quicker and more accurate judgements, such as whether to reduce the amount of fuel on an aircraft, or to spot trends like regular occurring delays at an airport.

The Reporting & Analytics module is our direct response to the challenges faced across the airline industry by companies analysing performance gains, working to become more carbon neutral or find internal savings.

Customise Reporting & Analytics to your airline’s requirements

Once our innovative skybook Reporting & Analytics software is implemented, you can request bespoke updates to fit in with your company needs - bringing the following benefits to your flight operations:

  • Single point of truth for vital flight information
  • Improved team efficiency
  • Accurate flight data management
  • Quicker access to information for all departments
  • Trend-based analysis for flights and airports
  • Ability to export data for reporting
Customise Reporting & Analytics to your airline’s requirements

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