By Dan Cook | 04 Mar 2022

Supporting airline on-time performance


Are you part of a commercial airline trying to find innovative ways to improve overall airline on time performance within your flight operations?

Whether your airline operations offer long haul or short haul flights; Poor on-time performance of below 80% could be immensely costly to the airline.

Often requiring the need to try and recover lost time at the airport or during the rest of the aircrafts flight schedule for that sector.

With airlines using the OTP as key performance indicators for their staff, as well as it being extremely valuable to keeping customers satisfied; here’s a few reasons why our skybook flight dispatch portal and EFB software could make a big difference in saving valuable time when it comes to airline on-time performance.


Improving Communication across airlines

The skybook web-based Ground Portal and Electronic flight Bag helps to connect the workflow of airlines in providing a reliable communication platform between dispatchers, flight operators and pilots on flight deck.

flight dispatchers send message to pilotsFlight dispatchers can send quick instant messages to flight crew and notifications that appear regardless of the application they’re currently on. 

Meaning pilots can be easily kept up-to-date about information, such as a new critical NOTAM that may be at an arrival airport potentially affecting the flight path or on time performance for the aircraft.


Digital pilot briefing for efficient workloads

The digital pilot briefing on the skybook EFB app, save pilots and aircrews crucial time thanks to focusing on only the vital information for each sector of the flight. Gone are the days of pilots having to trawl through hundreds of paper pages of NOTAM information.

digital pilot briefing packageOur flight briefing package reduces pilot workloads and is tailored to the specifications of each airline operator from their OFP. So even if an IATA delay code is looking likely because the pilot is stuck in traffic on the way to his or her shift; the on-time performance could still be achieved by using our flight briefing, which could make all the difference.

Going totally paperless can really help improve the on time performance of an airline, and we fully support that. Using our airline digital form builder allows flight operators to instantly send forms via the EFB for pilots to quickly fill in and sign. This saves valuable time, stopping scenarios such as staff having to run over to flight deck with unnecessary paper documents!


Monitoring airfields & NOTAM for quick decision making

With most of the IATA delay codes relating to weather delays (starting with ‘7’) how can skybook help with weather conditions? Utilising our NOTAM manager, pilots can receive real-time alerts, also highlighted in the flight briefing package, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information. 

Many airline customers that utilize our airfield monitoring system, enables their dispatchers and OCC departments to have great situational awareness of any alarming weather and NOTAM information.

When it comes to on time performance, they are instantly aware of situations that may cause problems further into the flight schedule.


Airline analytics track on-time performance

Interpreting the flight data from an EFB is something that we believe will massively create future savings and help to make improvements.

Our flight analytics intuitively collects post-flight data from the skybook EFB, such as an aircrafts on-time performance for departure & arrival. This OTP data can be tracked for any time period and measured against the airlines KPIs. Making it easy to spot trends such as delays the airline might be facing on certain flights and airports.

Airline analytics teams can then use this accurate OTP data to share and report on their flight operations achievements or challenges throughout the year. 

airline on time performance analytics data

Let's support your Airlines OTP 

That’s just a brief tour on how our skybook aviation software can support and help to improve your on-time performance targets. Learn more about skybook and how it provides centralized data management for flight operations.


By Dan Cook | 04 Mar 2022

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