Have confidence with our EFB system stability

When it comes to maintaining on-time performance on the flight deck and in flight ops, skybook has an exceptional resilience and reliability!

We are the only electronic flight bag & dispatch software company that guarantees a system uptime of 99.95%.

Ensuring an uninterrupted uptime with a fully fault-tolerant and load-balanced infrastructure using Amazon Web Services security.

Have confidence with our EFB system stability

View live uptime status

View live skybook uptime status

Exceptional resilience

Secure & encrypted data

All Data is secured from our EFB app and ground dispatch portal, using industry standard SSL encryption.

Risk Managed against cyber attacks, hacking, weather, environmental factors or energy disruption.

Data is encrypted and secure within a Tier 1 datacenter. Full protection at the physical perimeter, infrastructure layer, data layer & environmental layer.

Secure & encypted data
Disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery plan

Our Disaster Recovery Plan is fully documented within our Quality Management System and is an integral part of our ISO 27001 certification.

Within our QMS we have a fully documented Incident Management procedure that lays out what needs to be done in circumstances such as a data breach. This includes informing our CSO of a potential GDPR breach.

24/7 customer and technical support

Our dedicated IT Support team provide skybook support, as well as internal support.

From day one, you are given a person of contact, who will working closely with you through each step of the process.

Most importantly, you will have access to our IT support experts any time of day.

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