Streamlined Journey Log, designed for pilots

Quickly populate flight journey data, customisable to your flight operations. Our electronic flight folder prioritises user experience and accuracy, making paper a thing of the past.

Capture the most important data such as fuel, delays, de-icing, ground services, crew, waypoints and commander's reports.

All data is securely stored in the app and can be synced to the Ground Portal where it is stored within the skybook Record Vault. This enables operators to use the data for post-flight analytics and operational performance.

Improve efficiency and reduce workloads by automating the creation of ETOPS charts across all applicable flights

Quickly navigate to vital areas & other integrated apps

Instant access to all the main points of interest including METAR, TAF, charts and MEL Maintenance status; saves pilot's time navigating other areas.

Our integration capabilities mean you can connect the electronic flight folder straight to other pilot applications such as FlightDeck Pro and Lido mPilot.

Connect the EFF straight to pilot apps such as FlightDeck Pro and Lido mPilot

skybook puts operators firmly in control when it comes to ETOPS charts.

Prepare for take off with:

  • Fuel data (fuel uplift, planned fuel, fuel slip photos & more)
  • Departure ATIS / ATC clearances
  • Flight crew, commander, duty time

Record journey data as it happens:

  • Off blocks / airborne
  • Flight delays & codes, de-icing
  • Loadsheets, APU, cruise level
  • Waypoint info, route direct, divert

Sign off the successful flight:

  • Landing times, take-off and landing pilot
  • Arrival fuel, planned fuel
  • Reports / comments
  • Flight sector sign off

Customizable EFB

Transform your workflow! Super Admins can easily personalize fields within the EFB.

  • Modify field names & hide irrelevant ones
  • Super easy - no coding or training needed

Customize the pilots journey log experience to align seamlessly with your flight operations.

Transform your workflow! Super Admins can easily personalize fields within the EFB.

Go totally paperless with skybook Form Builder

Form Builder puts operators in total control with the creation of any form such as the Air Safety Report.

This can be sent to the skybook EFB app for the flight deck to complete. This allows custom data to be captured during the flight, which can then be saved and analysed in the post flight data storage.

Operators can select from a range of templates or designs to match paper forms, with features like mandatory fields.

See Form Builder

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