EFB Journey Log

Improve data capture during each flight phase with the skybook EFB Journey Log

Improve accuracy, streamline data capture on the flight deck and make flight data more accessible with configurable digital journey logs that can be shared in an instant.

Understanding the performance of each flight is vital. Our Journey Log software module is tailored to each operator, ensuring the data captured during each sector generates a clear picture of every flight to aid management decision making.

Removing the reliance of manual, paper based recording
Removing the reliance of manual, paper based recording

Removing the reliance of manual, paper-based recording

Paper is our biggest competitor when it comes to journey logging as it’s familiar and easy to use so that’s why we assigned ourselves the challenge of delivering a solution that’s more user friendly than the paper it replaces.

Quick to populate thanks to fully customisable workflows and modules, the skybook EFB Journey Log totally removes the reliance on outdated manual recording which presented operators with countless problems when trying to use the information post flight.

Configured to capture the information of most importance to each operator, the Journey Log gives the crew an interactive platform in which to record a range of information that can include delays, de-icing activity, ground services, crew, fuel and waypoint information, as well as commander's reports.

This information is securely stored in the app until connected on the ground, or can be transmitted back during the flight where it is captured and stored within the skybook Record Vault, providing you with a valuable repository of information that can be used to analyse operational performance.

Capture critical flight data within the OFP

Capture critical flight data within the OFP

Capture all critical flight data through the departure, en-route and arrival forms:

  • Actual flight level, time over point and fuel remaining
  • Departure/Arrival ATIS and Clearances
  • Fuel Specific Gravity and Uplift
  • Route direct, divert, re-clear and additional waypoints
  • Capture pilot fatigue levels
  • Waypoint information can be updated based on ATC changes
  • Notes can be added to the PLOG and waypoints
Capture critical flight data within the OFP
Instantly record journey data as it happens
Instantly record journey data as it happens

Instantly record journey data as it happens

All of the following can be accessed from day one as standard functionality and options within the skybook EFB Journey Log:

  • Crewing
  • De-Icing (data/time of activity, area de-iced, type of fluid and temp etc)
  • Ground Services (GPU, pushback, water uploaded, cleaning undertaken, cost)
  • Sign offs (sector/voyage acceptance, sector and voyage sign off)
  • Delays
  • Reports (incident time/date/location, ASR/MOR required, report title, description and type)
  • Day/Night modes maximise accuracy during all conditions
  • Scribble Pad function for ease of inputting in key areas
  • Image capture, iOS based app share and screen shots all help save time when recording information
Take control with skybook Form Builder

Take control with skybook Form Builder

skybook puts operators in total control with Form Builder which enables creation of any form, allowing custom data to be captured during the flight and saved as part of the flight summary in the flight record vault post flight.

Operators can select from a range of templates and input boxes to design additional forms and enter validation parameters and mandatory fields.

More on Form Builder

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