Automated ETOPS Charts

Generate fully compliant, detailed ETOPS charts automatically for the pilot briefing packs, that can be taken in PDF format, through the skybook EFB app or as part of an ARINC 633 EFF package on a third part EFB system.

Of course, skybook also has the ability to create a real-time interactive pilot briefing within the Global Mapping features of our electronic flight bag.

Improve efficiency and reduce workloads by automating the creation of ETOPS charts across all applicable flights

ETOPS Chart Integration

Improve efficiency by automating the creation of ETOPS charts across all applicable flights. Depict key data such as range rings, alternates and equal time points with additional overlays containing clear air turbulence, snow line and tracks.

No matter what flight planning system you are using, our ETOPS software can be integrated to create your charts, allowing you to benefit from a fully automated process.

Integrating the operational flight plan allows skybook to extract the relevant data to generate all required ETOPS charts as part of the full crew briefing package.

Our intelligent route plot chart software uses ETOPS Alternates (ERAs), Equal Time Points (ETPs) and ETOPS Rule Time to automatically generate route plots, removing the need for manual chart plotting.

ETOPS charts also comes with custom elements such as:

  • No-fly-zone areas
  • Data-entry boxes
  • Exit routes
  • Additional range rings around point of interest
  • Company filtered airfields
skybook puts operators firmly in control when it comes to ETOPS charts.

Accessible and fully approved

skybook puts operators firmly in control when it comes to ETOPS charts by ensuring that the flight briefing data can be accessed in a number of formats on a range of platforms.

An ETOPS Chart can viewed via desktop, tablet or as part of the full skybook EFB briefing package. They can also be printed if required.

Our maps can be clearly split across multiple pages to show greater detail, improved clarity and give the ability to easily bring the pages together to see the entire ETOPS chart.

All ETOPS charts have been approved by CAA's worldwide and we were the first provider to be approved for the automatic production of ETOPS Charts by the UK CAA and French DAAC.

Instantly record journey data as it happens with the ETOPS Release Form

Record journey data instantly

Ensure your pilots have the flight data they need and know what to do in the event of an incident during an ETOPS flight with the ETOPS Release Form.

In addition to the comprehensive information delivered through our ETOPS charts, aircrew can also access additional data captured within the skybook ETOPS Release which is an integral part of the EFB Digital Briefing Pack.

Prepared in advance by the Operations / Flight Dispatch team, the ETOPS Release is easy to populate, outlining the following information:

  • Flight details (date, time, call sign, aircraft reg)
  • Traffic Management Initiative
  • Route
  • Dispatcher ID
  • ETOPS summary comments
  • En-Route Alternates (operating hours, runway detail, approach, Operating Minima, X wind and RFFS)
skybook puts operators firmly in control when it comes to ETOPS charts.

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