Take your flight operations to new heights

Effortlessly manage flight schedules by integrating all vital sector information in one central system.

Streamline workflows and connect flight dispatch to flight deck via the EFB and enhance flight data sharing throughout the airline.

Customizable and meets rigorous operator standards, skybook is the flight operations software that is essential for achieving a fully digital airline.

Take your flight operations to new heights with skybook
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A flight dispatch team using skybook

Flight Dispatch

Manage flights efficiently

skybook provides your flight operations with an integrated dispatch process and centralized flight data system.

Seamlessly automate EFB data sent to the flight crew. Flight dispatch delivers the right data, to the right place, at the right time.

  • Flight schedules & planning
  • Briefing data & weather charts
  • Instantly check METAR, TAF & NOTAMs
  • Flight monitoring and alerts


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Electronic Flight Bag

Enhance pilot workflows

The EFB app delivers real-time weather and NOTAMs. Facilitating seamless data exchange between flight crew and dispatchers.

Offering a customizable journey log, class-leading briefing pack and access to digital documents.

  • Interactive flight plans & briefings
  • Instantly sync from flightdeck to ground crew
  • Full flight phase customization
  • Integrated apps data gathering


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skybook enhancing a flight deck
A flight dispatch team using skybook

Post Flight Analysis

Insights into flight data

Reporting & Analytics automatically receives flight data metrics once the flight is signed off on the EFB.

Access a comprehensive range of data and flight history, saving hundreds of hours of manual data gathering!

  • Delay code analysis, KPIs, OTP
  • Fuel performance data
  • Flight history data up to 5 years
  • Downloadable reports & files


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Flight Watch

Improve safety awareness

skybook Flight Watch modules instantly improve situational awareness within OCC operations.

Attracting attention to the most critical NOTAM updates, weather warnings and real-time flight position data.

  • NOTAM filtering & user specific alerts
  • Advanced airfield monitoring
  • Flight Tracking with planned position data


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skybook enhancing a flight deck

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