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We recognise the burden placed on operations and dispatch teams as they continuously work with multiple systems and information sources to import, record and monitor information, using it as the basis for briefings, alerts, weather forecasting, notices, charts, ETOPS and more.

This is very time consuming, the information is constantly changing, it’s resource intensive, manual and repetitive but it doesn’t need to be anymore. Nobody said keeping flights on time would be easy, but with skybook, our interactive OFP, we can ensure that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

skybook Overview

Don't fall into the trap of thinking skybook is just another flight dispatch and briefing system with an EFB bolt on, it's not.

Our flight ops software goes way beyond that by combining automation, unique system integration, seamless data importing from the most trusted sources, and skybook's class leading EFB application.

skybook creates a virtual dispatch office, delivering unrivalled access to your global flight operations via a single online flight portal, making it easy for users to view, interact with and share all airline dispatch, planning, briefing and journey log data, enabling integration and centralisation of information generated by other core systems. This is the operations flight portal you need.

Our objective from day one has been clear - to create an innovative, online flight portal that reduces the burden placed on operations and dispatch teams by sourcing and delivering all the right data, to the right place, at the right time, to any device.

Imagine only needing one operations flight portal to access all flight dispatch, crew briefing, flight following and airfield watch, with accurate and reliable data aggregated from the best sources; UK Met Office, SADIS EUROCONTROL, Jeppesen and NavBlue to name a few.

skybook delivers that portal.


Improving day-to-day operations for airlines

  • Manage your dispatch and crew briefing processes with ease by automating the collation of flight briefing information with smart flight operations software
  • Reduce reporting times and improve the quality and distribution of briefing data
  • Simple access; online flight portal - get planned and actual flight data, allowing informed decisions to be made regarding ongoing planning and budgeting

Enhance your airline dispatch and planning operations with our intuitive, user-friendly system that delivers an interactive OFP in a format that makes it easy for users to work through.



Flight Dispatch

A part of the Flight Operations Portal is skybook's collection of modular software developed to manage your Flight dispatch process efficiently before departure.

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Flight Briefing

Additionally, skybook's Flight Operations Portal contains modular software developed to manage your flight briefing process alongside dispatch

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Bring skybook into the cockpit as the perfect EFB

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Our EFB Application is designed to bring skybook in to the cockpit as the perfect solution for aircrew.

Delivering intuitive digital briefing’s that are created using our class leading data sets, the app is available across Apple, Android and Windows devices delivering a user interface that is second to none.

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