skybook Comply & Fly Compliance Software

Maintain & prove compliance within your airline operation

If you're a safety or quality manager for an airline, ground handling, cargo, airport or aviation business, managing compliance & audits can be time-consuming and costly...

Distributing and tracking email or paper documents that require auditable acknowledgement, to a vast range of airline departments or agents, can be a challenge!

skybook Comply & Fly software maintains aviation compliance by ensuring all staff stay informed, and are acknowledging important policies or updates specific to their role.

Maintain & prove compliance within your airline operation
Maintain & prove compliance within your airline operation

Automated aviation compliance software

  • Notify frontline staff when they need to comply
  • Easily monitor & automate reminders to those not complying
  • Improve employee engagement, updates & safety awareness
  • Secure, central location for auditing & policy management
  • Maintain consistency & compliance across the whole airline

Complying across airline operations

Airport operations compliance

The ground handling agent at the airport is sent a notification reminder to all ramp agents to comply to a new baggage handling health & safety procedure.

They are required to read the updates and acknowledge they understand with a signature.

Flight operations compliance

A flight dispatcher receives a notification to read about important revision updates to the safety management system risk register.

The dispatcher reads and complies with the update, this is also sent to their operations manager for awareness.

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Cabin crew compliance

The cabin crew receive a new procedure update to acknowledge a new digital process to the pre-flight briefing.

A flight attendant doesn’t acknowledge the update promptly, so is sent an automatic reminder to show compliance.

Technical operations compliance

An aircraft mechanic working for the airline is sent updated aircraft technical log information that needs reading and acknowledging.

The airline has acquired a brand new fleet of aircraft so the mechanic has to demonstrate compliance and understanding.

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