Instant access to detailed route overviews

The skybook Electronic Flight Bag app is designed to provide flight crew with the interaction needed for their flights.

By streamlining pilot workflows, the EFB map ensures all vital information can be accessed instantly.

Access a powerful weather & environment dashboard, presenting you with route overviews and emerging conditions for better awareness.

skybook Global mapping provides instant access to vital information with detailed route overviews

EFB map interactive layers

Real-time weather layers

Real-time weather layers

The user-friendly EFB weather & environment layers can be easily toggled on or off. Weather insights include:

  • Upper wind and temperature
  • Clear Air Turbulence
  • CB Cloud
  • Cyclones
  • Volcanoes


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Environment awareness

A selection of detailed environment layers ensure you have full awareness of the flight ahead. These include:

  • Waypoints
  • Airfields including METAR, TAF & NOTAM data
  • Route buffer
  • FIRS
  • Graticule
  • Range rings


Refresh route data

skybook Global Mapping takes weather and NOTAM information from the most trusted sources and constantly refreshes this data, for accurate decision making.

Interactive weather layers on the EFB allow pilots to view the exact information they need that’s most important to their scheduled route.

Refresh route data
Planned position data

Planned position data

Pilots can visualise weather at a glance and the route being flown with waypoint planned position times, relevant flight levels to your airline & weather period.

Global Mapping ensures pilots have vital briefing information they need to fully understand the impact of weather and NOTAMs for effective decision making.

Combine with our EFF journey log to capture flight data from all flight phases...


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