NOTAM alerts filtered directly to your mailbox in real-time

How much time and resource could you save by having NOTAM software that automatically ingests and reviews all NOTAM, alerting you to everything of operational significance?


Actually, the above is a loaded question and we know the answer. Our NOTAM Watch feature is already playing a vital role for operators across the globe, making a significant difference to Operations and Dispatch teams every day through automated NOTAM management.

skybook creates NOTAM alerts in real time directly from sources including EUROCONTROL, automatically reviewing each NOTAM against your operational criteria before disseminating the information directly to those who need it most.

NOTAM Watch is a vital part of skybook, providing important information across numerous modules. All aspects of our NOTAM software help to:

  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Reduce resource required for NOTAM management and monitoring
  • Increase accuracy, compliance and safety
  • Improve awareness across all sectors and flights
  • Aid decision making
  • Reduce operating costs
Skybook Notam Watch

NOTAM Watch being used within sector briefings

Skybook Notice Exclusions

Filtered NOTAMS as part of your EFB Briefing pack

Filtered for you

Do you really need to see every single NOTAM that is generated or are there exceptions?

Experience tells us the answer to this and that’s why skybook lets you determine the NOTAM information that is included/excluded helping to reduce briefing pack sizes and ensuring the most vital information gets to those who need it as it happens.

NOTAM filtering is easily managed giving users the ability to include/exclude NOTAM information or create exclusion exceptions based on:

  • Series
  • Airfield or FIR
  • Q-Code
  • QFIR
  • or pre-defined NOTAM groups

Quick and simple to create and equally easy to manage and edit.

Critical alerts direct to your ‘Inbox’

We have already told you about the benefits of our digital NOTAM management, but we’ve saved the best for last.

skybook not only automatically imports and reviews all NOTAM information against user specific criteria, it will also send NOTAM alerts directly to those who need them most.

Each alert can be sent as NOTAM emails, and the NOTAM type can be tailored so it is sent directly to the specific team members responsible.

Skybook Notice Alerts

Create NOTAM Alerts direct to your inbox



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