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EFF or EFB – Lets not get bogged down by acronyms

The Electronic Flight Bag is nothing new, in fact we launched our first version back in 2007 which seems like a whole different era now, but with so many solutions currently on the market and a seemingly constant stream of new versions being launched operators can be forgiven for not knowing which way to turn.  Our Companion Tablet App has been born out of both industry needs and the needs o...

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35 years of being a flight deck favourite

Aircraft pilot in aircraft cockpit checking instruments before takeoff

2019 marks an important milestone for Bytron Aviation Systems as the brand celebrates 35 years in the aviation industry. Bytron was originally formed in March 1984 by the late Richard Harris and his wife Irene. Richard, who was a long-haul pilot at the time, spotted an opportunity born out of constant frustration and shortly after the company was formed, the answer to this problem was launched. ...

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Our history in a few paragraphs

Historical image of a young boy in a wooden airplane toy

As we have already mentioned, Bytron started in 1984. From the outset, we specialised in the design and development of innovative software solutions for the aviation industry.                                 Our first software solution, a strip pri...

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Stay on track with Flight Following

Image of the globe at night with flight following depicted by lights and connecting streams

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 five years ago prompted the International Civil Aviation Organisation to create the GADSS global flight tracking initiative which launched back in 2016. The requirement to comply to the GADSS flight tracking guidelines and the continuing rise of air traffic, means the job of flight management is becoming more complex. We understand the chal...

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Why the skybook EFB?

skybook Electronic Flight Book open screen on an iPad

Pre-flight checks and briefings, constant NOTAM information, changing weather patterns, aircraft problems, airport issues, delays – we’re only scratching the surface here but already the challenges faced by pilots on every flight are clear for all to see. A lot of these challenges may be out of everyone’s control, including ours, but that doesn’t stop us from working close...

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