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Planning Team

"I think the favourite part of my role is that I get to see customers’ requirements / enhancements from the early stages of discovery through to completion of the end product and knowing that I played apart in what the various airlines are using."

Tim Skinner,
Product Owner

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Tim Skinner


“I joined straight out of university with barely any knowledge on web development. Back then we were using JQuery/PHP but since have moved onto React/Typescript/NestJS, making me much more confident using modern day technologies.”

Isaac Tennant,
Software Developer

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Isaac Tennant

Corporate Services

“I enjoy having a variety of tasks and responsibilities to keep me busy and focused. I also value the flexibility the job offers; including flexible hours and the option to work both from home and the office.”

Lauren Gilby,
Corporate Services Team Leader

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Lauren Gilby

Quality Assurance

“I love the variety that the role brings, we test a wide range of things in a wide range of places. On any given day I can be testing in the app, the ground portal, testing APIs, working in the database, in servers, in AWS or a combination of it all!”

Freddie Rispin,
QA Tester

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Freddie Rispin


“I liaise between customer and the team here at Bytron, I hold regular meeting with each customer to ensure they are aware of any updates we have made / new modules and offer any support they make have with any issues.”

Nicola O'Donnell,
Customer Account Manager

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Nicola O'Donnell

IT Support

“The favourite thing about my role? There’s always a challenge, there’s never nothing to do. Working with different departments, helping people. Finding new and better ways to increase efficiency.”

Adam Sanderson,
IT Support and Infrastructure Engineer

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Adam Sanderson

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