By Dan Cook | 13 Jul 2022

Inside Bytron: An Interview with Nicola O'Donnell

Nikki has been a part of the Bytron team for over 9 months now and is currently a Customer Account Manager within the Commercial Team, looking after our loyal skybook aviation cloud customers.

We chatted with Nikki to gain a good understanding of her role within the company.


What is your job role?

I liaise between customer and the team here at Bytron, I hold regular meeting with each customer to ensure they are aware of any updates we have made / new modules and offer any support they make have with any issues.

I keep getting referred to as a nag, but anyone that has worked with me in the past, knows I thrive from the nag.


What is your favourite thing about your role?

The people here make the job so enjoyable, they make it a nice place to work.

I also like the variety of my day, I have been here over 9 months and each day is different.


How have you progressed within your career?

Previously I had worked for the same company since leaving school. I felt like I couldn’t progress and would be doing the same role until I retired so I made the big brave jump to Bytron, everything was alien to me, new company, new industry, new ways of working, but I can hand on heart say it was the best thing I did! I have no regrets in making the move.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in your area of the business?

Avoid Google, it sends you down rabbit holes that causes more confusion than the original question.

Just ask the question, there are a lot of people within Bytron that have all the knowledge you need and love to be able to explain, they seem to like it when they see the lightbulb moment, when it finally clicks in my head.


What is your favourite season, and why?

Summer, the sun appearing makes everything  better, everyone is more social and wants to make plans and the beer gardens are open.


What would you want to be famous for?

I would love to say singing but if you have ever had the pleasure of hearing me sing, you know that I wont be hitting the top ten any time soon! I can clear a room out pretty fast.



Check out our current career opportunities within our team by visiting our careers page and why not learn more about Bytron Aviation Systems.



By Dan Cook | 13 Jul 2022

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