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Read&Sign Communication System

Bytron Read&Sign Communication System

Whilst working with the aviation industry for over 30 years and developing our skybook product we have grown to understand the software needs and where digital solutions can enhance certain tasks and help to save time. This can be seen through our integration and bespoke development projects we have worked on including cabin crew apps, induction systems, data visualisation and our Read&Sign p...

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Introducing Mike Orr as Senior Software Developer at Bytron

Senior Software Developer Mike

Prior to starting at Bytron I held a number of varied roles, some relating to what I do now and others completely different. Primarily I am an advanced back-end OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) developer with senior level experience and knowledge.  I first became interested in development when I was thirteen years of age. I taught myself several programming languages as well as the art of r...

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National Coding Week 2016 – Our Technical Directors story

Aviation software development

As part of National Coding Week our developers across Bytron and Keyzo have been sharing their story on how they started as a developer. This post comes from our Technical Director at Bytron, Simon Clayton. My first introduction to computing was at the end of the 70’s when my cousin bought a computer in kit form from the United States.  He built the machine from the pieces he received ...

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What impact will data visualisation have on your business?

skybook dashboard

Data visualisation aids the discovery of what your data means in a visual concept. It can often be difficult to understand what your data means and to analyse the trends in order to see where improvements can be made or what is working well. Pulling your data into a visual concept such as a dashboard can help you to see over a given time period the changes in your business. Creating dashboards to...

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The benefits of using skybook in your airline

Benefits of using skybook in your airline

Such are the demands of modern air travel that airlines are having to constantly adapt their flight processes to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Demonstrating compliance with industry regulations is crucial, whilst reducing costs and maintaining on-time performance can be the difference between a successful airline and a struggling airline. Add to this the...

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