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Client feedback helps to enhance our charts

Weather data and route plots shown together in skybook displayed on a laptop. The laptop is on a desk along with a keyboard and mouse.

Imagine being able to automatically generate weather data gathered from the most accurate sources, including the MET Office and NOAA, and then choosing how you want this to be displayed in your briefing packs, making it as easy as possible for dispatchers and aircrews to digest the information before each flight. Our latest skybook update allows you to do just that thanks to our enhanced wea...

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Simon Says - skybook tech blog

Technology is playing a huge part in improving dispatch and briefing processes, Image shows paper volume versus software.

I’m sure there’s plenty of dispatchers and flight crews out there who can remember the days when crew briefings had so much paper in them, they were known as 50lb bricks. Good for building arm muscles, not great for the eyes! The need for the very latest, most accurate information was a constant challenge and back in the day, we couldn’t just hop online and draw down what we ne...

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NOTAM warning updates make our filtering options even more effective

skybook helps to improve flight dispatch, weather watching or flight briefing processes.

skybook already goes above and beyond what is traditionally thought of as a flight dispatch and crew briefing system.  It can be purchased as a complete solution catering for flight dispatch, crew briefing, weather, airfield watch and NOTAM, or alternatively can be bought as a series of modules, each catering for specific aspects of the dispatch and briefing process. Although it is our most...

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We've enhanced our notices module


As you may have read somewhere by now, skybook is our flagship product providing a complete modular solution to Flight Dispatch and Crew Briefing through a ground based portal supported by a companion tablet app. skybook is always evolving as we work to ensure that feedback from our clients and our vast industry experience drives ongoing developments with real world results shaping the future of ...

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skybook Software Demo and Overview Webinar with Aircraft IT

Bytron produce a webinar demonstrating the skybook software

As part of Bytron’s membership with Aircraft IT we produced a webinar during March to demonstrate the capabilities of our skybook system. Skybook is our flagship software solution for a fully integrated complete flight dispatch, briefing and journey logging process.  Aircraft IT Operations is an invaluable resource where IT users and decision makers in airlines and aircraft operators a...

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