By Charlotte | 15 Nov 2021

Happy Living Wage Week 2021

This week marks 20 years of the Living Wage Foundation and we at Keyzo are proud to be able to say we are an accredited Living Wage Employer. Being a Living Wage Employer means we pay all our staff directly employed the real Living Wage as a minimum.


What is the real Living Wage?

The Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay, independently calculated each year based on the real cost of living in the UK and London which is above the national minimum wage and applies to all workers over 18 years of age regardless of the number of hours they work.

The campaign for a real Living Wage began in East London in 2001, where cleaners and other low-paid workers were working in offices of city firms and banks, employed through outsourced contracts, and were having to work two or three minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. The campaign called on businesses to recognise the important role of these ‘invisible’ workers within their companies and pay them a real Living Wage.

Thousands of employers including our Company have chosen to go further than the governments national minimum wage and pay the real Living Wage to all their staff. This has meant a pay rise for over 150,00 employees and their families within the UK. Since then, hundreds of thousands of families have benefited and been able to earn a wage they can live on.

The Living Wage Foundation celebrates employers that sign up for accreditation by awarding them the mark of a responsible employer. This accreditation allows employers to show the badge of the Living Wage Foundation, one which we use and share with pride.

As an accredited employer the Living Wage Employer Mark is displayed on our recruitment materials and the Company is included in the publicly available list of Living Wage Employers meaning that consumers, prospective employees can easily find us. We are part of a thriving network of nearly 8,000 UK employers that support and promote the Living Wage and we encourage other businesses to become accredited.


Why do we support the real Living Wage?

Keyzo became a Living Wage Employer in 2017 as we believe that paying the Living Wage has a positive effect on staff wellbeing and team morale. As an employer who believes heavily in creating a positive, healthy, and balanced work environment; paying the Living Wage has and always will be the right thing to do for our company.

We have found that by becoming a Living Wage employer we have seen a positive impact on both staff recruitment and retention, as well as a reduction in absenteeism. Employees have expressed to the foundation that the benefits for them include spending more quality time with their children, saving a little for an emergency or rainy day and not having to worry about affording the basics.

Our employees are our biggest asset, and we always aim to provide the best support and benefits as a way of recognition and thanks. By setting a minimum that is fair against the cost of living we can ensure that our employees feel more valued, less stressed and can lead happier lives both at work and at home.


The real Living Wage is more than just a figure, it’s a movement, so join us and the thousands of other companies who recognise the need for a real Living Wage.


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By Charlotte | 15 Nov 2021

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