By Dan Cook | 09 Dec 2021

Manage all aircraft & operational documents in one digital library


Document Library really is a game changer for any airline operators looking for more efficient, digital aviation solutions.

Simply put, it is an innovative central repository to store and distribute digital airline documents, accessible within the skybook EFB for pilots and Ground Portal for dispatchers and other staff.


      • No more updating or using paper manuals or large pilot bags

      • Synchronise to the most up-to-date aircraft documents

      • Annotate documents for viewing on the EFB and ground portal

      • Store digital documents for entire airfleets, a specific model or aircraft


Paperless airline operations with our Document Management Library on EFB

With paper copies of everything becoming a thing of the past; commercial airlines and the aviation industry are moving closer to their aim of becoming carbon neutral. There is certainly no need for an exception to the rule when it comes to flight documents and aircraft manuals that are needed for pilots, flight crew and dispatch operations.

Our Document Management Library is your complete solution to this. Available as a module that can be included in the skybook aviation cloud package.  It can be used within the flight operations ground portal by any ground staff with the appropriate privilege and on the EFB ipad app for pilots to use on the flight deck or for aircraft maintenance technicians to access for reference.

It is simply a case of defining the library structure you require to fit your operations and then uploading the documents to the Document Management Library. Documents can then be viewed, favourited, shared, and annotated by anyone who has access to them.


digital aircraft manuals efb


Automatically synced to the pilots EFB software

By using the digital document management library to store and access all the aircraft manuals and documentation, this ensures the airline staff, crew and pilots always have access to the latest and correct versions of all aircraft documents available to them. skybook automatically synchronises the aircraft manuals to the pilots EFB when any updates or new versions are uploaded.

This also ensures a full audit trail of who has the relevant documents, and means pilots no longer need to carry a large bag full of documentation. Reducing weight on the aircraft, saving space within the cockpit and reducing the spend on printed materials.


Annotate aircraft documents and update to the library

Annotations can be made to the document for other members of the team to see. These can be kept and edited across devices and desktops, making it easier for people to pick up where they left off. Operators can highlight and add comments without amending the original documents.


airline digital efb documents


Reliable digital documents for airline efficiency

Document Management Library seamlessly integrates into the comprehensive skybook ecosystem that our airline and aviation customers already know and love. And with our 99.99% uptime guarantee, flight operations will always be able to access the required digital aircraft and flight manuals or documents whether online or offline. Learn more indepth about how it digitizes your flight operations manuals.

skybook is bespoke to each airline operator from the beginning and our team of experts are always looking to create the best possible solution that best fits your flight operations. 

Why not get in touch to find out more about how the document library could benefit your flight operations.

Or learn more about what else skybook aviation cloud has to offer such as our latest digital Form builder or airline reporting & analytics module for analysing crucial flight data such as fuel usage and on-time performance.


By Dan Cook | 09 Dec 2021

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